How Can DAPL think this is OK?  And What About Obama??? Click on the link below to see This report for so much MORE of the DAPL treachery:

Struggle In ND Obama Sitting It Out! Blood For Money?

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Excerpt:As the gathering of water protectors in Mandan got underway, several speakers described how the oil and gas man camps spread human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and hard drugs such as methamphetamine, to surrounding communities. Earlier this year on September 6, Unicorn Riot reported from a direct action where a large group of water protectors stopped work at a Dakota Access Pipeline site.  At that time we spoke with Julie Richards from the Oglala Lakota nation, who spoke about the harm that man camps bring to indigenous communities Click the link below to see SO Much more from Standing Rock.  On The Ground Unicorn Riot Reporting is as good as it gets people.  We ALL owe them a debt of gratitude and some prayer.  Do NOT Over look a donation click at their Support Work link in their Logo/Navbar OK?? We donate to them, YOU should too. Thank You.