DAPL Breaks the LAW every Day and pays $50,000 as a cost of doing business. And the COPS protect their lawlessness! That makes THEM Guilty as well! And the State governments PAYS their people to BREAK the LAW!


Rubber Bullets at point blank range like in the video above are DOING DAMAGE people… Look CLOSE!!!  SEE what the Oil-Police are doing to Men and women young and old alike, Vets and even the leader missing a leg in that video.

Nat’l Guard, LEOs deliberately fire point blank to maim water protector.
When the US imprisoned our people on these military reservations the majority of us gave up, for good reasons. Mothers, children & elders came first so strong people made hard choices to stop fighting. Some refused to give up though. They stayed fighting until the end. There’s a lot coming down for the camp these next few days. The front line is not a place for non-warriors. Our people are unarmed, NonViolent and being fired upon at will. National Guard, LEOs, DAPL are coming into our side of the bridge to terrorize us. When we went on horse raids, on a war party, on dangerous expeditions, those who were not highly capable of agility, risk & strength simply did not come. Respect that. Our brothers & sisters have taken many “less lethal” bullets. Our bro has a hole in his leg from last night. We will make sure they get feathers. They’re earning them. They are sacrificing. We will join them. This is a call out for self sufficient, able bodied, mobile protectors to come join the front line. If you would come if you had a place to stay please message us. You must be disciplined, non-initiators of violence or provocateur behavior.

These are People who Peacefully assembled DEMANDING redress of grievances from the government. Does that sound familiar to you? It is RIGHTS granted by the FIRST Amendment. And THIS is how they treat citizens for stand up for their rights while ILLEGAL DRILLING is going on just over the hill and the cops are protecting it. DAPL pays $50,000 in fines for their lawlessness and the cops protect it. It Ain’t Right people. Damn It!! LOOK AT THAT PHOTO CLOSE UP! It makes Us sick and angry. What about YOU? Any cop who does THIS to peaceful demonstrators should be in JAIL themselves for participating in a criminal conspiracy. Just like the Sheriff and the Governor should be.
DAPL is Breaking the Law drilling under the Missouri River with NO Permit!! THEY do not care it is just a cost of doing their corrupt business model!

From last Night Attack 1-18-17 on Water Protectors!

Excerpt: Indeed, to attain the desired path for Dakota Access, Energy Transfer Partners was able to take land from reluctant private property owners through eminent domain. Most controversy over the pipeline centers on the contextually-striking fight by Native Americans to preserve the integrity of their drinking water supply in North Dakota — but the fight to halt Dakota Access also grips South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois. Reports are that Energy Transfer Partners has opted to pay $50,000 per day in fines for violating the Army Corps decision rather than sidelining the project for months while awaiting conclusions of an environmental impact statement.

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