Dear Deep State GTF Outta Here Your Shit is hitting the fan NOW!


So Here is the Premise: The Deep State who are THE, behind the curtain puppet masters, and have risen to command all things American including the Presidency and Congress and possibly even the Supreme Court, as well as many of the leading defence contractors doing BILLIONS of dollars of business a year with the Taxpayers,  ARE NOW fighting to maintain their control after the Wild Card events of the 2016 election.    Those events gave us President Trump instead the planned presidency of Hillary Clinton.  Fate, it seems has a sense of humor doesn’t it? 

The three guys that believe they control the worlds of Surveillance Intelligence (an oxymoron in this context) and War, and thus OUR COUNTRY and POLITICS, AND can have anyone killed with a phone call are: Mike Hayden, Jim Clapper and John Brennan.  If you do not know their names THAT is EXACTLY how they like it.   

4 star USAF Michael Hayden

James The Lying Sack of Shit Clapper who was
Never indicted for HIS Congressional Perjury as of YET! Here is some of my previous reporting on this Puppet Master.  Why TF he has NOT faced Perjury charges speaks to the DEPTH of the Corruption we confront folks.  He DID IT! Lied to Congress Just Watch!
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James I’m in control Brennan
Mr CIA Ex-Puppet Master his-self

What they have done as the alternating heads of and/or principals in the CIA, NSA,  DIA, Booze Allen Hamilton and Chertoff group is stunning.  What it looks like as I sit here at my pc GOOGLING up page after page of history and image after image of THEM in command of both Presidents since Clinton Left the White House and video after video of them telling congress suck it bitch, is frightening AF.

OK Why am I even in this rabbit hole that might get me killed?  Because I am an American and I Believe in the Bill of Rights and that Lord Acton and Thomas Jefferson KNEW what the hell they were talking about.


And as a USAF Veteran like Hayden, I maintain my right to speak TRUTH to Power and tell them they are fucking assholes that need to stand accountable for the crimes they have committed.  Yes REAL crimes against the Constitution, the People of the Unites States and in deed people of the whole world.  AND if they are not Brought to Heal, so to speak, they just might get US into a nuclear exchange in the near future.  THAT is WHY I do this work!  

Executive Summary:
The 2016 primary election was rigged to suppress the populist vote as manifested in Bernie Sanders.  That is a fact and it looks like Brennan in cahoots with the Soros/Clinton Cabal used every dirty trick including murder, to pull it off.  AND it fucking worked.  See some the of the latest reporting on that shit here:

But the aforementioned sense of humor apparently let the populist wave Trump their Puppet Plans, so to speak again.  No Bernie, but to their chagrin No Hillary and we got the Pussy Grabbing Reality TV Star sitting in the most important seat in the world.  Is THAT Irony or what?  And NOW these guys are shitting bricks and doing whatever they can think of to take Trump out of the picture of power.  They are setting him up for ANY Scenario that will put Pence in the driver’s seat so they can get back to business as usual.  They are talking 25th Amendment.  There is talk of even more tragic action that could end the Trump question altogether.  More Serious Treason people.  The Law of Unintended Consequences raised to the highest possible level.   I say fuck it these Puppet Masters must be exposed and stopped For Ever! AND We must have Election Accountability because all else is details!

Maybe it had to get this far into the shit before the American People could recognize how fucked it is, really is, and get off the couch and become part of the Coalition of Change our Nation and World desperately NEED NOW!  God Damn IT there are 300 MILLION of us people! We gotta rise up and take control from the puppet masters. Listen Up to the TRUTH from My Buddy right HERE! 

And Hey Cops YOU work for Me and my 300 MILLION friends you better not forget it.  There are what 22 MILLION Vets and about a MILLION of you?  Do the math and do NOT be MINDLESS assholes when the shit comes down.  THINK about YOUR Kids, Wife, Mom, Dad and Granny too.  They are just like us trying to get by in the rigged world of the Puppet Masters.  Got It? 

Hey I could be wrong but I don’t think so and as George Webb Jason Goodman and Trish that Dish Negron continue growing the crowd source the truth consortium into the populist wave that will wash the Absolute Power Drunkards out of our governance, I chip in wherever and however I can.  And together WE WILL Grow the Power that will allow us to chop off the heads (speaking metaphorically of course) of the Oligarchs that have backed their play for the last several decades.  So we can all play nicely together on our planet and pursue peace prosperity and justice for all our kids.  Isn’t THAT what it MUST be ALL about?  For Reals?  (Cue Youngbloods song) 

OR Will YOU let it come to this?   REALLY?


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