So yesterday on Aug 1 2017 I posted this report:
Click Here for the complete report

So today, Aug 2,   I was looking on my server traffic software to see how many views I had from the facebook post I put up on a lot of groups and shared with a lot of my almost 4,000 friends.  I figured I should have at LEAST several hundred or maybe a thousand hits overnight ya know?  Nope it was 58.  Geeze what’s a guy got to do to generate some REAL traffic anyway?  So I dug a little deeper and it seems the very first view and THE SECOND VIEW as well, came from a town in California called Menlo Park.  In case you never heard of it Menlo Park is up north and THAT is the home of the FaceBook Police themselves! Really

This screenshot shows exactly the first and second facebook visitors I am talking about.

Just moments after I posted this report about the Deep State Puppet Masters, someone with an Iphone in Menlo Park (Home of FaceBook remember?) pulled up the report.  Twelve minutes later the very NEXT view of my report who is ALSO in Menlo Park but with a different IP (same trunk though) running a windows 10 desktop changed the out-bound link from the simple to that pile of green php code you see in the shot above.  WHICH resolves to this:

Don’t take MY word for it click on that pile of crap below for yourself! DO IT Before they see this and most likely change it :

THAT is the AMAZING PART TO ME!  That the response time is almost ZIP and they managed to keep anyone else from hitting my site in the 12 minutes or so before they put up the Caution Sign redirect for my story link!  Pisses my off wouldn’t it piss YOU off too?

There is really only ONE THING I can do about this shit and that is to KEEP reporting the TRUTH and check my rearview mirror for the FaceBook Police.  

Just a few prior JNN reports on Facebook actions against Facebook users:

THIS is not the first time I have been targeted by Facebook for non-existent malware and BLOCKED from my account

Digital AIDS??

And I will leave you with this report on more specific details of the process. Watch your step!   YES This is EXACTLY How they do it!!