Debbie and I agree We Been Had while we were asleep! TPP is coming to delete what is left of our American RIGHTS!


And ALL the forces of the Oligarchy are maintaining their positions of CONTROL as well! Same as it was under Bush and then Obama and now Trump! Join together in PEACE or just keep getting screwed by staying divided by ALL those FEARS!

barry-fraud1Today’s Moment of Clarity…. WE GOT SCREWED in 2008 people… Obama was an excellent SHILL… In retrospect it seems that the plan to BLOCK Obama was not all that one sided.. REALITY.. BHO just sat there for 6 years plus complicit while Goldman ruled the treasury and Big Oil (including Kochs) beat the hell out of the renewable push and fracking became the order of the day world wide. Climate Change Reality (see also Super Storm Sandy and California Droughts) be damned. HRC was installed as SOS to foment conflict and war for oil throughout the middle east. Perfect person for the job don’t ya think? Oh yea NOW he his trying to close out by adding TPP to the American burdens… More Perfect for the Corporate Cabal, right?

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And in the end, 2016 wound up KILLING the progressive movement’s come together awakening over Bernie, shattering the democratic party and installing a republican President and GOP control of both houses of congress. THAT is PRECISELY what happened right? NO refuting the RESULTS, RIGHT? AND Obama did NOTHING to change any of that on the trail this time did he? NOT a damn peep out of him about the Primary Frauds except to refute the possibility! Think it was an accident? A coincidence? See Gibbs Rule #39 Thanks Obama And NOW Trump is about to move in new faces who work for teh same people.

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