They stand up Eventually…. Usually after they get knocked up the side of the head by Treachery!

Reflections on Dec 7th…  As a veteran myself, this day has major significance for me. Fact is it was one of the darkest days in our country’s history. It also marked a moment where the American public WOKE UP, and came together to save the world from totalitarian dictatorship.  Stop and think about that.  Every American NOW must wake up and come together to defeat the enemies that would enslave us and doom our citizens to lives of servitude and living on our knees to the Corporate Overlords who believe their rightful place is dictating What to Think, How to Live and most importantly that they BELIEVE they can STEAL OUR SELF-DETERMINATION and our enfranchisement out from under us.  AND for about 40 years they have worked hard to do just those things. It is time for that struggle to come to the forefront people.

I don’t know about you, but for ME the struggles at Standing Rock has been a Pearl Harbor type of wake up call for us to come together and confront the Oligarchy that has their jack booted minions at our throats attempting to choke our heritage of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness from our collective bodies in their pursuit of domination and PROFIT. I say screw them.

COPS stop serving those evil masters.  If you believe it is OK to shoot an unarmed man in the back, you better get another job. Because the time has come to defend ourselves from the likes of you and your twisted evil crews.

Are you really proud of yourselves being paid mercenaries?  Do you NOT understand that YOU and your Blue-Flu brothers and sisters are betraying the constitution not defending it?   And ask yourself, how does it really feel to be the 21st century equivalent of the Hessions? Do you even KNOW who the Hessions were?  No?  Well lemme educate you who are ignorant of the REAL American history.

The term “Hessians” refers to the approximately 30,000 German troops hired by the British to help fight during the American Revolution. They were principally drawn from the German state of Hesse-Cassel, although soldiers from other German states also saw action in America.

Yep THAT is YOU, a FUCKING Hession, if you believe your job is to treat American Citizens like THIS.  If THIS is the kind of crew you are in, Get a NEW Job.  I am SURE there are plenty of opportunities for an HONEST cop who will Defend the Constitution instead of Betraying It and beating abusing and betraying citizens! db-rtpic2
If you BELIEVE it is OK to steal a citizen’s right under the constitution because you are giving a bullshit “LAWFUL” order depriving the rights of peaceful assembly and redress of grievances, YOU ARE FUCKED UP and YOU are gonna be one of them who starts the WAR (shooting or otherwise) to regain what is RIGHTFULLY OURS under the Constitution. Hey Cop do you know this word? Nuremberg???   Google it if you don’t because if the citizens are not kept safe BY YOU, well you can guess the rest can’t you? Nuremberg dudes Nuremberg!

A word to the Un-Wise,  there are at least 250 maybe 280 MILLION of US citizens that have had about enough of the Oligarch shit. Just because we did not all VOTE does not mean we will not FIGHT when the time comes, OK?  And there are maybe what, a million of you Oligarch assholes and your Dumb-Assed paid pit-bulls? TWO MILLION TOPS? And WE have what 350 million weapons?  Do you really want to go there? Or will you come to your senses like cops and soldiers did in East Germany, Like they did in Yugoslavia, AND most recently like they did in the Ukraine. Will you stand with the citizens who will no longer tolerate our country’s resources being sucked dry by the Crooked and Evil Multinational motherfuckers that are the 21st century equivalent of “Let Them Eat Cake”?  ALL you lackeys of the Rich and Powerful, which includes the Constitutionally protected but NOW traitorous Mainstream Media selling out America with YOUR Fake-News, make NO Mistake, Justice is coming.  The people are waking up.  DO NOT BE ON THE WRONG SITE OF THIS HISTORY!  So for Americans the time has come to come to the aid of your COUNTRY.  Take Action.  Get OFF the God Damn Couch and get into the streets to Marches, Rallies and Demonstrations of how PISSED off we are at the elections being stolen and the game being rigged for Corporate players while the working folks get screwed every day in every way the Bought and Paid for politicians can think of.

Hook up with organizations like Brand New Congress or  DONATE what you can where you can to the crews that you feel best about. BUT for right now you can click this link below and give a few bucks (or lots more if you can afford it) to support teh Patriots at Standing Rock who are fighting for ALL our Rights!


That is all for now, do NOT return to As You Were!
Larry Alger Publisher Justice News Network

#InSolidarity #MniWiconi