“Democracy Spring” locked out of the rules committee [VIDEO]



Last April, Democracy Spring organized the largest American civil disobedience action of this century, calling on Congress to take action to end to the corruption of big money in politics and ensure free and fair elections. It doesn’t seem like, after all those drones attacks probably, that former Secretary of State Clinton heard what they were saying. They are there to force the committee to change the rules this year.

Democracy Spring Mission Director Kai Newkirk is looking to make sure that this is the very last election process where superdelegates are allowed to continue making an entire nations votes not count by simply overriding them. Although not directly affiliated with a specific party, Democracy Spring was started mostly by progressives.

“Our government should be free from the corrupting influence of big money in politics and solely dependent upon the People. We support for pro-democracy, anti-corruption reforms, including voting rights protections, citizen-funded elections, and a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.”

That sounds like a train anybody can jump on. Their rough (on video) start  at the convention this year was a bit shaky but all went well in the end. Check out their Equal Voice For All page and sing their valuable Declaration. Justice Network News is in full support of this organizations efforts to help restore Democracy to this country.

Every American deserves an equal voice in government. We simply cannot solve the urgent crises that face our nation if we don’t save democracy first. The website explains:

When we arrived in DC on April 11th, we gave Congress a simple choice: either take immediate action to end the corruption of big money in politics and ensure the right to vote or arrest over 1,300 Americans simply for demanding an equal voice in government. Their refusal to act and their readiness to condemn so many exposes the depth of corruption that pervades our political system.

Please share this good cause for the benefit all of us. NotMeUs, the 99%.


In other news: I believe in the circus and that clowns regularly eat “superman” flavor ice cream just because of the way it looks.


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