July 28, 2016

Dick Morris, former Senior Political Adviser to President Clinton and one of the most prominent political consultants in the country, speaks out with “a little help from the truth?”, and claims that Bill Clinton lied in his Democrat National Convention speech the other day.  He seems to have been there and done that. You decide. He seems like a guy we could all have a beer and a chat with. I am not very fond of Hillary Clinton at all, so I guess we could become close pals. No, I don’t like her; not even a little but, I’m just not 100% sold on everything he said.

Here is the VIDEO he posted just 16 hours ago. Go ahead and sift through the 12,000+ comments it received while your at it!

To be perfectly fair, the “facts” he presents in the video are interesting, but may be partially inaccurate interpretations, so take them with a grain of salt. I want you to understand this because, I am not really one to just spread unchecked information without fair warning. In this day and age, anyone can say anything about anyone for no particular reason. The fact is, Morris has been an Anti-Clinton advocate for quite some time. I note that there is always a reason for changing sides when someone feels motivated to openly speak out against a person they used to work for. I believe his motives for doing so are mostly justified and we at Justice News Network like this kind of stuff! Do your research!

My motives for questioning his statements in the video, are based on a question we have to ask ourselves; is Snopes still a trustworthy with rumors floating around to the contrary and that “sold out”? Who knows if they have sold out or not, but I am more interested in who checks the fact checkers? I definitely don’t trust this years Presidential Nominee, and would jokingly even question her actually being a woman when I hear the late John Lennon’s widowed wife Yoko Ono talking about THIS in July 2016 [warning: fake news]. That was seemingly “news” but look at the date on this REAL? source HERE in May 2015 about something that apparently “went down” in the ’70’s. Pun intended.

Are we that stupid? Really? More Snopes please…and get back on topic! Roger that.

A letter from Mr. Morris back in January 2016 sent out as an email, is as such an email that actually dates back to August 2007 and has since appeared many times, mostly as the same text. I ran a check on this at Snopes, so see for yourself. Their take on this is mixed.

Seriously, cut the Bullshit!

A secondary source of information on the same topic for comparison (Truthdig.com):

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) co-founder Jeff Cohen spoke with Truthdig columnist Sonali Kolhatkar about how the media failed to dissect Clinton’s speech.

“Every time he talked about policy, it was either inaccurate—180 degrees wrong—or it was completely cherry-picked,” said Cohen. “He made it seem like, you’ll remember how Hillary Clinton made climate change the central feature of our foreign policy. That’s virtually word for word. ‘When Hillary was secretary of state, she made,’ well, everyone knows, you can read it in Mother Jones, that she was pushing fracking and U.S. fracking interests all over the world. You cannot simultaneously push fracking all over the world and be making climate change a centerpiece of your foreign policy.”



BREAKING BULLSHIT NEWS: I recently found out that jugglers often throw odd things in the air just “because we can”, and contrary to popular belief, really do not care if they catch them or not. Your comments about how you have a buddy who can keep more objects in the air than the juggler you are saying this to, are worthless because he/she most likely doesn’t give a damn, so just STFU already. A common misconception is that jugglers are clowns. They are not and saying so is an insult to his/her talents. You can tell by the fact that they don’t wear huge shoes, Don’t wear color-bomb clothing, are generally not fat because they sweat a lot during long hours of hardcore training and that they commonly have a great deal more talent at their “sport” than any decent clown, who might also be able to hand 3 balls would have.

This news is brought to you by a Juggler named K. Timothy Lippert who has been known to keep up to 7 balls in the air for a short period of time while also chewing gum and rapping something random from an Eminem song. I do not apologize that this “tidbit” wasn’t really full of any serious BREAKING BULLSHIT NEWS. Larry Alger, JNN Publisher, will gladly field any questions for you if this offended any of you who may be “occupational clowns”. Be advised however, he is more likely to fire you as a reader, than firing me for writing this.