So please keep in mind these questions when considering the following happening. How small a world is it anyway AND What are the odds?

So I am sitting in front of my computer FB call voice chatting with our JNN contributor in Germany when my cell phone rings. It is 11 PM Sunday night and I decide to take the call because I am in the news business after all and JNN IS in the process of working several unique stories with Facebook as the protagonist. and there IS that Chinese guy in France with the blog about this:

Facebook forced me to download their anti-malware, and my own antivirus gets knocked out

Tonight a lead-breaking story in the NY Post heavily confirms some of my reporting in a couple of my Larry V Facebook stories.

This is GREAT because people have been blowing me off as a Conspiracy Theorist (Facebook? No they wouldn’t do THAT because why would they? Right!)   over my reports, and I KNOW what I have experienced and documented is not an accident or some kind of spam catcher gone wacko as they usually blame it on.   I believe they do this as calculated actions intended to achieve SOME ends in stopping people from getting SOME KIND OF NEWS. How do they make it pay? I have no idea at this point. Well OK I have SOME Idea and it involves a guy Named David Brock and his pack of online hatchet minions backed and financed by the Hillary Clinton Super PAC Correct the record. They are the same shameless dung beetles that posted Porn in many of the most active Bernie Sanders FB groups right before the mini-super Tuesday and took them all off line. See this from the Hill:    “Several websites and online forums and website attempted to draw a connection between the attacks and Clinton ally David Brock’s social media initiative, Barrier Breakers 2016, after noting that the former Bros 4 Hillary member had recently “liked” the initiative on Facebook”.

In a statement to The Hill, Correct the Record denied any involvement in the attacks. “Correct the Record’s Barrier Breakers 2016 had nothing to do with this,” said Elizabeth Shappell, the group’s communications director.

“Currently, Barrier Breakers is exclusively engaged in positive messaging supporting Hillary Clinton.”


The Post reported that Facebook ADMITTED they BLOCKED traffic on out-bound links to the DNC Wiki-Leaks reports email dump. That is big for me because the Post story is brief and has NO details on how they do that and the piece warps up with; “Facebook didn’t immediately return a request for comment.” See my reports have I have the details on the process and specifics on how they DO IT! That is the second struggle I have been having with FB.     See Right HERE:

The first reports are about my struggle with facebook to regain my personal page after they blocked me as having been infected with a Malware of some sort. They demanded that I down load a pile of crap “CLEANER” file outta some company in Moscow of all places, if I wanted to ever see my facebook friends again! (My emphasis). But really that is pretty much how THEY play it all the way from Bangalore, India right up until today because I refuse to play their game. As I told “Steve” with the face book tech support (Try and find the number anywhere ELSE, I dare you, OK I called 866-535-1162) -in Bangalore, Do you know what AIDS IS?   He said yes. I said OK then the same reason I do not mess around with strange women is the same reason I will NOT download YOUR strange software, I will not put my ass or my computer system at risk for AIDS of any kind. He really did not like that, Really.

Here is another report about the Malware Hox, as a guy named Blake calls it in a video he put on youtube. I embedded his video (Thanks Blake) in this report on the Digital AIDS I found with which Facebook is infecting users computers world-wide. Keep in mind Facebook has way over one and a half BILLION systems to choose from, right, so how small is the world and what are the odds?

I click off with Germany and pick up the Iphone and it says caller is in Kansas City. OK I’m fully awake after the Syrian Bomber story went up a couple of hours ago from Tim in Germany who lives 200 yards from the blast. I am watching the JNN live traffic reports, as I am want to do when I can because I am just learning this software and, hey I am INTO this process and for me, brand new hat as Publisher of, and all I want to SEE the traffic details for myself.

I take the call. It is not the guy I am hoping to talk to but hey who is it and how can I help them is my deal.  Turns out, this guy is Carl from, surprise, Kansas City. To be fair here I must disclose I do have other online interests and one is an e-commerce play providing products to a niche market for 20 years now. That’s right I put up a website 20 years ago that never went broke, never had ONE, NOT ONE customer claim unaddressed or unsatisfied, a remarkable achievement in and of itself, if I do say so myself.   And Hey I had a customer I referred the buyer to a USA factory last month, and the client is in Monaco. I guess the world IS getting smaller, right?

So in the interest of fair and balanced reporting I will say this, the call was about a product I stopped selling 4 or 5 years ago and maybe 8 or 9 year old youtube video with my Toll-Free in the description brought the call to me on a Sunday night at 11PM in LA, from Kansas City.   What are the odds on THAT?

The man asked me my opinion on a decision he faced with the used product he had and I rendered it, to his satisfaction. Then I asked him to remember me to anyone of his circle of associates and friends that may require similar products and he agreed. During the conversation we became casual acquaintances joking and laughing a bit, me over my Vodka & Cranberry, and him over his beer.

As we reached the apparent end of the conversation He asked me, What the Hell are you doing answering your phone out there in California at 11 PM on a Sunday night anyway?   So I told him I was working on a story for a little website I find myself running called The Justice News Network.   And I was hoping he, in fact, was a call I was expecting from New York. But that was OK because I really enjoyed talking to him. He asked what kind of story is it and I said well do you Facebook? He said yes.   I said maybe you can relate to this then. It is kinda like some people are getting their computers infected with a kind of, for the want of a more specific term, what I call Digital AIDS.   What happened next you coulda knocked me over with a feather.

Carl said…. Digital AIDS Huh? I never looked at it like that but Yea, that really nails it down. I said what do you mean? He said I got Digital AIDS. I got some kind of Malware crap from Facebok and they had me download… I interrupted him almost in disbelief and said The Kaspersky Cleaner?   And he said YEP THAT THE SHIT THAT SCREWED UP MY COMPUTER SOMETHING ROYAL.

NOW Really folks, how small is the world and what are the odds?

I told him to go to and look for all the stories I had there about the Facebook thing and said sure he wanted to know ANYTHING he could do about this anyway.   Then we agreed to friend each other and exchange info about the DIGITAL AIDS, AND I’D LET HIM KNOW WHAT I FOUND OUT ABOUT ANY CURES AND SUCH I MIGHT COME ACROSS.

Well it was almost midnight by the time Carl said Adios and I sat down to think about all this stuff that just had happened. What do YOU think?