DNC Roll Call Vote imminent! VITAL information inside + Bernie Sanders full speech [video]


July 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders volunteers fanned out across Philadelphia on Monday morning, collecting signatures to ensure the Vermont senator gets a roll call vote on the convention floor.

They succeeded even though it was already imminent!

Please await the Roll Call Vote before crying how Bernie betrayed us. Everyone saying that needs to be corrected by YOU for not understanding the system and how Bernie must play that system until that vote over. Only the results of the Roll Call vote, will decide the fate of the Democratic party. The Roll Call vote is in fact, a vote based on voice strength. In my opinion, there should be a decibel meter involved that is visible for all.


Vital Bernie supporter information

  • The delegates are asked to remain PIN-DROP SILENT, when Hillary is named.
  • The delegates are asked to go FREAKIN’ CRAZY LOUD, when Bernie is named.

If Bernie wins this Roll Call vote, we change from a “Contested convention” to the extremely rare “Brokered convention”, which facilitates a second series of votes, with different rules. DO NOT #DemExit yet because this means it is not over. Follow this link please to understand how a Brokered convention is handled. Knowledge is power.

If Bernie loses this Roll Call vote, it is in fact, over for his campaign, but not one second before it. Then, and only then, will it make perfect sense to say a collective and insanely loud “Goodbye Democratic Party” and initiate the REAL mass #DemExit.

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The final general election voting is NOT based on party affiliation. There are no restrictions. This is  absolutely vital to understand!


For those individuals, sites, groups, pages and polls who ask me: Does Hillary Clinton deserve your vote? I have only this to say:

I am morally unable to support a person that drone bombs children overseas, and ignores children here at home.
A person who will stop at nothing to push herself into the forefront of a nation of people who stood up this year with a man who is and always has been, unlike herself, consistent in his views throughout his political career and most importantly a man who is and always was trustworthy; does not deserve my vote. A person who stopped at nothing to make sure that that man did not get seen; that that man got ignored; that that man was not taken seriously and that that man who has fought for leveling the playing field for the good of all people in this country his entire life; does not deserve my vote.
That person, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, who obviously acts in this nature;
Amen. #OurRevolution #NotMeUs


I took the liberty to borrow this collection of important links from the LA TIMES:

Matt Pearce kept up his reporter’s journal from the streets of Philadelphia.

• A series of leaked emails revealing the party’s pro-Hillary Clinton tilt have overshadowed efforts to rally delegates behind the presumptive nominee.

• Nearly every mention of Hillary Clinton’s name was met with a chorus of boos from the convention floor. Bernie Sanders’ supporters also shouted down speakers at California’s delegation gathering this morning and booed when he implored them to support Hillary Clinton. Tonight’s convention theme was “United Together.”


Thank you for being here, and for all the work you’ve done. I look forward to your votes during the roll call on Tuesday night. ~Esteemed Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders

Our man at the DNC July 24th
Our man at the DNCC in Philadelphia July 24th during his partially scripted speech.

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In other news: A one-armed man in a boat was arrested today. Eyewitnesses said he was bothering other boaters by constantly rowing in a circle.


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