What started this confrontation today is someone strategically placed, and set on fire, two large construction trucks set up on a bridge to block Hwy 1806. It turns out that this road leads directly from the camp into the area where Trans Energy is setting up to drill under the Missouri River which is NOT permitted yet or authorized by the Army Corp of Engineers, nor legal or moral by any stretch of the imagination.  1burnedtrucks Photo from Reuters

This is at the North end of the Standing Rock camp and Protectors maintain it is a safety hazard to them. Today on Nov. 20  several water protectors attempted to remove the block had never been cleared, and had been attributed by authorities to the protesters. WHY has danger this not been cleared on a public highway since Oct 27 when it occurred?  And WHY THE HELL ARE POLICE DEFENDING IT like it was Trumps Wall against Mexico?

The protectors were confronted by cops with an MRAP armored vehicle and LRAD array, and they used an unprovoked tear gas attack against unarmed, non threatening residents to try and stop them. There was NO face to face meeting.  There was NO talking with the cops who just opened up with a tear gas grenade and the LRAD. See this complied video which shows exactly what happened.  It even shows that the fire claimed by authorities to have been set deliberately by Protectors was a direct result of the tear gas attack!  Just like the sheriff told NBC News that there were no water cannons being used on protesters in freezing 25 degree weather.  Ya Right! THAT ain’t no firetruck like the cops claimed.db-urpic9-2

Video from Twitter:

Hell YES!!  THIS Just in! It is now 2:08 AM West Coast time and before I hit the publish button and shut down I checked the Twitter Feed one last time as I was closing open windows on my computer. AND There It Was a Victory for the #PeacefulWarriors in a Ninja Riot Tweet 21 minutes old! In Solidarity Dear Readers, In Solidarity!

Thanks to UnicornRiot.ninja for the Tweeted information.

Footage from a Water Protector Drone in tonight’s confrontation shows Heartless Cops using water cannons in sub-freezing weather on the crowds putting their lives at risk, many were reported injured and a few critically.  We are praying that no one succumbs to their injuries. The unarmed protectors were also shot with rubber bullets sprayed with Mace and shot with dozens if not a hundred or more tear gas canisters.   Much More Reporting to come.

Footage from https://www.facebook.com/DigitalSmokeSignals/






Bonus Report from our friends (they deserve BIG TIME CREDIT) at UnicornRiot.ninja:

Direct evidence that North Dakota Law Enforcement Departments expect to BILL the pipeline company for their Thuggery. Damn it people this is just EVIL. There seems to be a lot of that around these days doesn’t there?

ED-What really shakes us up here at Gojnn.com is HOW do these criminals operating under the color of law believe their lies crimes and maleficence will go undisputed and undocumented?  In the long run some elected oficials, policing authorities and the DAPL companies WILL BE sued for their damages and frauds, and then MUST BE charged for their crimes. Are you listening President-Elect Trump?  This corruption and blatant disregard, by officials of numerous states from as far away as Ohio and Louisiana, of their public trust CANNOT Stand un-challenged or un-adjuticated!

There was another live feed tonight from Kevin Gilbertt that had up to 60 odd thousand live viewers at a time and last time I checked had over 2.5 million views. I personally dropped the live feed all over CNN ABC CBS NBC MSNBC as well on to the Facebook pages of Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes and Rachael Maddow.  I will do the same with this report.

THIS is why we must ALL stand together because sometime soon the cops and soldiers are going to say fuck this shit just like they did in East Germany in 1989 and The Ukraine in 2014.  That’s when Governor Jack Dalrymple and is complicit criminal cronies will fold up like the house of cards they are.   BTW all you folks out the facing down the front line oil company thugs in public paid for uniforms and riot gear, need to get yourselves some mirror surface reflectors like these the freedom lovers in the Ukraine used! Donchya Think???  Peace Out!
Larry Alger, Publisher
Justice News Network