#EndTheTreason Cliff Arnebeck in DETAIL READ THIS Or you are part of the PROBLEM!


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Cliff is a true American Hero a Patriot and has worked since the 1990s  fighting to make YOUR vote meaningful and legitimate.  READ EVERY SINGLE WORD of the embed articles and MANY Thanks to Zachary Howard for his reporting!  

EXCERPT:  Having the FBI director as corrupt, he might as well be viewed as the conciliary of the global criminal cabal that’s behind all this stuff. So here’s the guy who’s supposed to be investigating the crime and he’s part of the crime, he’s an actor in the crime, he has a real conflict of interest. And the attorney general has a real conflict of interest, and the President has a gun to his head in effect. So, I don’t know what to say, you talk about assassinations you get labeled a conspiracy theorist, but if I don’t talk about assassinations then they just keep doing it, keep getting away with it, and the cover-up goes on. That is the key to the cover-up: no potential witnesses where they could testify…..

Click the link for the Interview http://cosmoso.net/exclusive-interview-with-election-fraud-lawyer-cliff-arnebeck/?r=cosmosopub22&utm_source=cosmosopub22
This is Cliff Arnebeck. Listen to his words, remember his face

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The Latest from Cliff Arnebeck in Ohio Better Read this one Folks

Here is SOME of how they did it in Californaia

THIS is why Bernie won a legitimate vote in California:


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