Energy Transfer LIES about No Engagement with the Sioux Nation BEFORE the pipeline work started. The PROOF is right here! The Case for Justice!


THIS is MY case for Justice and intervention between DAPL and their corrupt Strong-Arm Henchmen operating under the color of Law, and the people of North Dakota, no it is NOW the people of America folks. I KNOW there is a lot here.  I KNOW you have a busy life.  But just imagine what the SIZE of the interruption to your life will be if people like these continue to steal our elections, steal our lands, rob us of our rights under the constitution and deprive us of our basic human dignity.  Get Busy and do the home work here people.

The Featured video above is a compilation of some Standing Rock tribal council members at the meeting in 2014 to discuss the position of both Trans Energy Partners and the Standing Rock Sioux on the planned pipeline project.  

I came across this video on Youtube just tonight.  This video contains about 20 minutes of the hour plus long recording I personally cut, which PROVES that Kelcey Warrnen, the CEO of TEP is a Lying Dog who, after the damages he and his company have caused across the high plains and mid west (like to that poor widow woman in Iowa who DAPL just TOOK her land after she said NO not on MY farm) with this project, deserves to be Kenneled for a long time for his lies and lawless activities . Furthermore I submit that if a single person dies at the hands of his corrupt enforcers operating under color of LAW, his incarceration should be for the rest of his life. AND HE is NOT the only one that needs to stand at both the civil bar for money damages, but all those who have been complicit with him, including officials of the financial community that made this project possible, need to be investigated, charged and transparently adjudicated. The time is now to face this reality people and God help us all if we must go to war with them over God Damned Oil!

This is NOT Policing THIS is WAR on the American People

The WAR being waged upon not just the Standing Rock Sioux, but all of their allies (Dakota) must stop immediately to allow for a fair and honest assessment by Federal agencies as to the legality (or as I and so many other people nation wide, no in fact world wide, assert ILLEGALITY)of so many actions involved with this project by TEP.  It is TIME for the Federal Judiciary to stand up and do the job they are entrusted with, issuing multiple injunctions against any company engaged in the project to cease and desist ALL ACTIONS.  NOW is the TIME for the DOJ and FBI to descend upon the Standing Rock territory. Both agencies MUST NOW stand between the corrupt state government thugs and their complicit out of state allies waging a war on the people who have said Enough is Enough to this criminality.  I never thought I’d live to see the time or circumstances that would be appropriate for a team of United Nations Peace Keepers to work in my country, but folks THIS is that time and place if the Feds are so wholly corrupted.


I say that ANYONE who does NOT Stand Rock Solid for the process of Transparent Assessment of this situation is an enemy of the Constitution of the United States of America and thus and enemy of mine.  Get the picture?  Larry Alger, Publisher Justice News Network


WHEN you listen to this soundtrack it proves that the Sioux have been on top of this project since the inception.  Listen to them KICK the Energy Transfer Partners ass back in 2014! AND the Army Corps of Engineers flaked out completely!  IF you are earnestly seeking the truth about the validity of the LAWLESSNESS of this company and the state of North Dakota in dealing with the indigenous peoples and the dis-ingenuousness of the current assertions of both the company AND the North Dakota government, you NEED to listen to this one hour of the Sept. 30th 2014 meeting. THIS is the smoking gun folks.  It truly is.

The complete meeting soundtrack is here:

From the Youtube video description: Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcey Warren stated November 11-16-16. “I really wish for the Standing Rock Sioux that they had engaged in discussions way before they did,” he said. “I don’t think we would have been having this discussion if they did. “We could have changed the route,” Mr. Warren added. “It could have been done, but it’s too late.”

The audio file video above is from a Standing Rock Tribal Council meeting with ETP/DAPL representatives that occurred September 30th 2014. A meeting that occurred before the route was finalized, permits were issued and more than a year before the Draft Environmental Assessment was released. A document prepared by DAPL that never mentions any of the concerns stated in this meeting, nor does it mention Standing Rock. Energy Transfer Partners assertion that they “didn’t know” of our concerns is false.

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Thank You Everyone. This fight is not over and lets hope it does not turn into THE spark that leads to violence.  Although if the lust for power over others for Oil and money drives the Feds like it has driven the corrupt systems in North Dakota, this may be that moment, not unlike the struggle faced by the people of the Ukraine in 2014.  But Hey those folks did not have 300 plus MILLION People or 350 plus MILLION guns at their disposal either. One way or the other Obama and Trump.  One way or the other.2nonvilonce1-500


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