Any of this sound familiar folks?  The IDF Trains our Police Forces over the last couple of decades and look were we are today, fatal shootings by police all over the USA continue to increase. Think I’m kidding?  Click HERE

AND you do not have to look too far or hard to see that this Militarization and Philosophy of shoot first, AND SHOOT TO KILL, and call in the swat team later is NOT what Tom Jefferson had in mind is it?


And NOW, Netanyahu, the virtual OWNER of the IDF, whose soldiers are committing suicide after oppressive operations against Palestinians, has pressured the most important media outlet on the planet to sit down shut up and do as we say.  Zuckerburg what are you thinking? What happens when BeBe has his IDF philosophy over ride any thing else.  AND when does the methodology  of overwhelming force and use anything you got to force YOUR HAND transmute into Digital Assassins?  Oh Yea Like David Brock’s Hillary Hit Crew that posed Kiddie Porn in many major Bernie Sanders groups effective closing them down just prior to the mini Super Tuesday?  What ever happen to THOSE FUCKS?? Nothing Right?  What did FACEBOOK DO ABOUT THEM? IDK there is NO ONE who will TALK TO ME about it and I have tried.  Call  this if you doubt me  650-543-4800.   It took a lot of time to find this number.


Can you foresee a possible Facebook Digital Blackmail if ONE DOS NOT MEASURE UP TO COMMUNITY STANDARDS?  I can, and DO!  Perhaps holding a users livelihood hostage, banishing them from their personal page when THAT page is used to administer commercial pages or worse yet PAGES administered for CLIENTS causing a backlash and squabble over responsibility for lost revenues for advertising not placed because GEE YOU DIDN’T READ THE USER AGREEMENT COMPLETELY? You did not notice that because YOUR family comes from Palestine and YOU are Pro Palestinian here in the USA, a USA Citizen and kinda of a potty mouth and SUDDENLY… YOU ARE OUT OF FUCKING BUSINESS AT THE CLICK OF SOME MOUSE, SOMEWHERE.

Trust me reporting confirms there is NO phone YOU CAN CALL that does not go to voice mail in Menlo Park.  BUT there IS a file you can download from Moscow if FB says YOU have MALWARE, even if you don’t, BEFORE they will LET you back into your FB page. And I tried several different computers (not ALL of which could have POSSIBLY HAD MALWARE as FB claimed, when this stuff happened to ME Personally, with both Mac and Windows machines.   My reporting shows that downloading anything recommended by FB to FIX anything does not end well.

Screen shot 2016-07-09 at 2.16.56 PM


Will Digital Banishment be arbitrarily inflicted because YOUR RELIGION, OR POLITICS  DOES NOT AGREE WITH HEIR Zukerberg and Fuhrer Be-Be?  And what about the Possible infection of YOUR system with Digital AIDS from Facebook activities???  Reporting has shown this to be a world wide occurrence.  And then there are the MANY KINDS AND LEVELS of the Digital Time Outs Facebook can bring to bare. Like This:


How much further can the spying or blocking of users go on in Facebook NOW that the IDF and their master’s Mentality is being integrated “Into The Deal With Israel?”


BEFORE YOU JUMP INTO OUR DEFECATION…   We ARE NOT Anti-Semitic here at JNN, we ARE Anti-Fascist.  We are PRO Human Rights, WE ARE Americans, entrepreneurs, and believe in Truth, Justice and the American Way. Or at least how it USED to be when TV was in Black and White and Superman was played by George Reeves.  But beginning with Korea, then then with Viet Nam and on through the cold war, the warnings of IKE about the Military Industrial Complex were unheeded by the American People.

AND as those forces consolidated power and literally allied with Big Banking, Big Ag,  Big Pharma, Big Oil and then finally BIG MEDIA was consumed by MIC and their buddies.


We The People became just serfs and vassals as our standard of living declined, right along with the share of taxes the corporations and their BIG EQUITY HOLDERS paid to support the American Overhead at both the State and Federal levels.  Of Course, the burden was shifted to those without slick lawyers representing them in the halls of power, whom, WE were conned into “ELECTING”.  And the rest of whatever it costs was put on the Credit Card of the USA (Deficit Spending).  Think about that!  The cumulative deficit spending now  totals up to about Nineteen and a HALF trillion.  YES it is TRILLION dollars today.  Hard to get your mind around THAT alleged fact isn’t it?

So WHAT happened?  How did WE become complacent enough to have the rug pulled out from under what was the greatest country ever?  Well I think what was the noble profession of THE PRESS, the only segment of enterprise protected in the FIRST Amendment of the Bill of Rights, went to hell in a hand basket when took it’s eyes off the GREAT responsibility of protecting American FREEDOM.


THAT has pretty much gone to hell in the hand basket hasn’t it?



Really when the MEDIA went to pot was while it began keeping the NEWS Department’s  focus on the bottom line, Really taking Orders from Creative Programing, not the News directors, and Morphing into what we have NOW, Info-Tainment.  THAT is what I think. Arron Sorkin seems to express that as well, perhaps better than anyone else in THIS example.

Virtually ALL the people I know are sick and tired of the Stolen Elections, Censored Media, KILLING of citizens in the streets without due process, and then the killers get a paid vacation because they work for the government in some capacity. And what do all these actions remind ME of?  The Deification gone down and politics in Ultra Right-Wing Theocratic Israel, and the campaigns they have waged in Gaza and West Bank, all occupied and executed by the IDF.


Well Yea, doesn’t THAT sound familiar to you as well?  Do you REALLY Believe what HRC says? Do you REALLY Believe what Obama says when he talks about preserving the planet for his and all our kids, yet opens the Santa Barbara channel to fracking and the Arctic to Drilling and more pipelines all over our land when the ones already there are falling to ruin and causing massive accidents and facilitating more and more climate change? DO YOU REALLY believe ANYTHING Be-Be says? Hell even John Lewis has shot his credibility all to hell in this election cycle, hasn’t he sticking up for the DNC who STOLE the election from Bernie Sanders.  AND HE used to be a personal HERO of mine. So HOW has THIS Prediction by BE-BE worked out for us here in the good old USA?  Pretty Screwed Right?


NOW it seems we here in the USA are facing down the IDF on OUR turf, Cyberspace.  And if Facebook continues to bow down to them, they are gong to find that people will ALWAYS Pursue Freedom and rebel against oppression.  ESPECIALLY on the Internet folks.  Only they can not SHOOT US DEAD like the kids in Gaza Chris Hedges has reported about.  The IDF directed Facebook media is limited to just disappearing our posts pictures and videos. But Wait it is even MORE than just that.


Ever clink the Sign in with Facebook button on some other site?  If you have, wherever you have, IF and WHEN Facebook decides to DISAPPEAR YOU from YOUR personal page all those connections all over cyber space disappear as well.  Bet YOU never thought about THAT have you?  Nope I’ll wager you have NOT because WHY would FACE BOOK LIE TO AND ABOUT YOU?  Right? You have broken no law anywhere, Right? Maybe Not…. What about Zuckerberg’s Law which is now Be-Be’s Law, which is based on the IDF principals of NEVER Shoot to wound, always shoot to kill, and ALWAYS use overwhelming force in ANY confrontation.  So spit on Facebook’s sidewalk and it IS some level of Banishment for you sucker!


BUT YOU MAY HAVE already and possibly, no LIKELY WILL transgress their COMMUNITY STANDARDS if you are the kind pf person that will call out a lie, tend to stand up for equity and justice, ya know small stuff like that.  Be ready for the mass Banishment when The Be-BE Fascist style governance really soaks into Facebook.  Trust me BEEN THERE DONE THAT, remember I DO occasionally say or type FUCK when it conveys EXACTLY what I need to say when I need to say it.  And WON’T YOU  say Fuck The Government employees when they shoot an unarmed kid in the back? And would you say FUCK THAT SHIT again they beat a mental health challenged person to death?  And when they taser a deaf person who is broke down by the side of the road and does not get out of the car fast enough and raise his hands high enough to SUIT the murder who tasers him 10 times causing heart failure, cause it turns out  THE COP WE PAY is a SICK FUCK with a badge and a gun and a HISTORY of being a bully under color of law.  AND tirns out, he likes to WATCH his victim twitch as he tasers them.  Might you even say OMG FUCK THAT ASSHOLE when you encounter THAT sort of thing in the FB COMMUNITY?   And then Facebook declares, UNILATERALLY, the writing of SICK FUCK in ANY POST on THEIR Cyber Turf violates their COMMUNITY STANDARDS and **POOF***  Off to the Gulag for you motherfucker (yes many of the street level employees of government DO say motherfucker).  Well as a sidebar, just KNOW that is not the kind of thing that will ever happen at JNN as long as I am the Publisher.


Good Luck Zuckerberg, you just let the devil into your house and he WILL likely burn it down around you as well as the rest of us.  THEN we WILL find other outlets for our expression, AND OUR ADVERTISING DOLLARS AS WELL.

THIS has been observations and commentary by the Editorial Board of JNN…..  On to the story as reported by Whitney Webb of Activist Post
(Sept 16) Following Facebook’s censorship controversy over a world famous photograph of the Vietnam War, Facebook has agreed to “work together” with Israel’s government to censor content Israeli officials deem to be improper. Facebook officially announced the “cooperative” arrangement after a meeting took place between Israeli government ministers and top Facebook officials on September 11th. The Israeli government’s frenzied push to monitor and censor Facebook content it deems inappropriate follows the viral success of BDS, or Boycott, Divest, Sanctions, a global non-violent movement that works to expose Israeli human rights violations.
The success of BDS has struck a nerve with Israel, leading its government to pass legislation allowing it to spy on and deport foreign activists operating within Israel and Palestine. Israel has also threatened the lives of BDS supporters and has lobbied for legislative measures against BDS around the world. They are now seeking to curtail any further BDS success by directly controlling the content of Facebook users.

Jnn sees it like this…. Two sides of the Zuckerberg Coin.

Read additional reporting on facebook censorship by JNN AND the NY POST HERE.

However, Facebook’s formal acknowledgement of its relationship with Israel’s government is only the latest step in an accord that has been in the works for months. In June of this year, Facebook’s Israel office hired Jordana Cutler as head of policy and communications. Cutler is a longtime adviser to Netanyahu and, before her recent hire at Facebook, was Chief of Staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC. Facebook may have been intimidated into the arrangement by Gilad Erdan, Israeli Minister of Public Security, Strategic Affairs, and Information, who threatened to enact legislation, in Israel and abroad, that would place responsibility on Facebook for attacks “incited” by its social media content. Erdan has previously said that Facebook “has a responsibility to monitor is platform and remove content.”
In addition, as the Intercept reported in June, Israel actively reviews the content of Palestinian Facebook posts and has even arrested some Palestinians for posts on the social media site. They then forward the requests for censorship to Facebook, who accepts the requests 95% of the time.
In what is an obvious and troubling disparity, Facebook posts inciting violence against Palestinians are surprisingly common and Facebook rarely censors these posts. According to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Glenn Greenwald, this disparity underscores “the severe dangers of having our public discourse overtaken, regulated, and controlled by a tiny number of unaccountable tech giants.”
With Facebook arguably functioning as the most dominant force in journalism, its control over the flow of information is significant. The fact that a private company with such enormous influence has partnered with a government to censor its opponents is an undeniable step towards social media fascism. Though social media was once heralded as a revolutionary opportunity to allow regular people to share information globally and to politically organize for grassroots change, allowing governments to censor their opposition threatens to transform it into something else entirely. END Whitney Webb Report…

JNN- I DO hope you have found much to consider and weigh here in this report. Remember EVERY-TIME you click here to sign in with Facebook you slide a little deeper into that cyber-rabbit hole that now has armed guards patrolling every facet of YOUR LIFE you share through social media.  Comforting Thought, right?



Sept 24 -16