Could Facebook REALLY be censoring members and planting computer programs on our systems?

So WHAT IF Facebook IS REALY censoring people who are aggressively telling the story of how crooked this election is being run. Pretty BIG What if right? WHAT IF Facebook is planting programs that do WHO KNOWS WHAT on your computer maybe to spy on you. Now THAT is just tin-foil-hat stuff, right?

Maybe NOT, here is the story. Seem that it turns out I am the only person IN THE WORLD with high quality video of the San Diego Registrar of Voters altering ballots with white out BEFORE they are run through the tabulation machines to tally the votes. That story lead to this one. Of course I posted the information about that all over Facebook along with the videos I shot on Saturday July 2, 2016 and then uploaded to you tube. They got some heavy views and shares and then some other media outlets picked them up. And today funny shit started happening when I was on facebook and one other media outlet, Source Planet, exploring how they had retold my story using my video embeds.

I went back to an open facebook page of mine to copy some text and then paste it into a reply on Source Planet, and BAM a Malware warning…. And I do not know WHAT in the hell they are talking about because it was a straight text copy and paste NO LINK involved at all.

Screen shot 2016-07-09 at 2.12.06 PM


So I close the window and then I get a message to Log on to FaceBook and I am thinking what in the hell is going on here. So I put in the email and password and then WHAM another Malware warning.


I am pretty surprised because I spend a LOT of time on facebook and this kind of thing just does not happen THEN I click get started and then a notice to Download THEIR Cleaner Program.



They want me to DOWNLOAD A FILE from them to clean malware? Well HELL I have my OWN malware cleaner so I close out everything… Reboot the PC and do the Malware scan… And I say screw this I dig out a macbook that has not been on the internet in a month and facebook in two months. I’ll get back to posting while I wait for the PC scan to complete. I am back on facebook in a few minutes replying to some crap posts about my San Diego videos and I am copying and pasting and BAM another Malware warning On the MacBook!!!!! Well by now I am all WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?????

I close out and log out and back in and ZAPP another Malware warning.


Back to this stuff again which leads to the please down load our cleaner file screw that…..

The PC is cranking away on the Malware scan and almost done so I go make myself a quick burrito and by the time I get back my Malware scan is done and funny thing NO THREATS DETECTED!!!!

So I Log back in to Face Book and No Go I Still got ANOTHER Malware block

So NOW I am just PISSED OFF… I go out to my gal’s Macbook air log in and CRAP another Malware block I click the link just for drill and another offer to run antivirus software from them.

So All this is on three different computers, running three different operating system and browsers AND a malware scan on the PC that came up NADA and I say there is something really rotten here… They are screwing with ME, it is NOT my computers. Debby’s daughter came in and I asked her Hey YOU have a face book account Right (because Debby, my gal does NOT Facebook) and she says right. So I ask HER to log on to Facebook from my PC, which MY malware scan said was A-OK, and she says OK, and Does… No Wham Bam Zap or Crap…..



OK I am NOW 100% Clear that they are screwing with ME. Targeting MY Log in it is NO WAY my Op systems or Malware. It is Facebook attempting to get me to DOWNLOAD THEIR SHIT onto my computer to do GOD KNOWS WHAT. I STILL cannot get into facbook because they DEMAND I download their cleaner first, which I will NEVER do. My LAST Question is this: So Zuckerberg, what the hellare you up to and do you have the balls to cal ME personally and Explain yourself? Hey don’t worry it’s a FREE call…. 888-849-6160 Larry Alger.


Update 7-11-16

The three URLS from Facebook included below that still resolve to Larry Alger Log in, the malware warning and offer of Malware cleaner file download as pictured here:



Facebook URLs referenced above:

4… Sanders


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