By Larry Alger

So after I got off the phone with one of the attorneys involved with the legal actions against Michael Vu and the Registrar of Voters in San Diego for potentially violating election laws, I was on Youtube checking out some related videos when I came across a thirty minute clip of the press conference on July 6th where they made the announcement of the impending actions after the initial hearing before a judge.

I watched it and thought Geeze why has no one thought to send this to me before because it explains in detail just what everybody needs to understand about HOW they are shaving Bernie’s points and scoring them for Hillary.   I wish I’d had all this information when I was editing the video I shot of the whited out ballots down there at the San Diego ROV on July 2.

Bernie Sanders Votes Whited Out in San Diego  (Please open in New Tab or Window)_

Some of the observer crew I met were also in the video.  They have reported so many irregularities that need to be investigated that this Michael Vu cat looks guilty as hell and better hope he looks good in orange.

FULL Details of the San Diego Vote Count White Out Scandal!! (Please open in New Tab or Window)_

I figured I better snag the video and put it up on our website,, and get it shared to as many of my friends and the Bernie Groups on facebook as possible.  People NEED to SEE and HEAR the TRUTH of what the issues in San Diego are.  I could also just refer people to THAT video instead of having to explain it all over for the two or three hundredth time.  And Hey, it might get a little traffic as well.  Little did I know what I was in for last night.

So shift gears, close out all the open programs on the PC, restart and get to it.  This would be pretty quick because it was a simple video post so I just needed to write a headline and an inside tagline and the youtube link to get it posted.

I put it all together and had it done in about 30 minutes, including a sourdough English muffin with Philly, and it was off to facebook to drop the links.  So in about 90 odd minutes I thought I was headed for bed around 11 PM.  Silly Me.

After spending another half hour checking the posts in Bernie Army News, Bernie Activists, Next President Bernie Sanders and a few others I pulled up the real-time inbound traffic report for JNN just to check and see if we were getting any hits yet.  Hell the two stories I’d piggybacked (the new video post and an older post of my video of the whited out Bernie Votes) were rolling in visitors.  So I am watching it to see what is coming in from faceook and where else people had shared it to because I really enjoy seeing people connect with the truth because THAT is when I KNOW I’ve done my job.  And THAT is why we do this, ya know?  We ain’t getting nor were we rich to begin with, and that’s a fact.  Yes in fact when we really get some traffic that clicks on our mobile ads (the desktop ads are STILL Not in place yet, my bad) maybe we can go get diner at Sizzler or something big time like that.

Like most of the citizen journalists I have met on the playing field during this election cycle we are busting our ass to support the Bernie-Crats and help to get the jack boots of the Oligarch minions off our throats.  It is a tall order.  We just work to see that the average folks out there CAN get as many REAL What’s So, Boots On The Ground, Nitty Gritty nuggets of truth as we can dig out of the piles of horse manure that passes for news on TV and the Internet these days.  And this video is one of those shining nuggets that all the people, especially California voters, Must See, and very few have so far!

So the bed time is long gone and I am kinda mesmerized at the traffic that is streaming in for the new video when all of a sudden I see one from facebook that came in from San Diego and the inbound link displayed like nothing else I had seen on this software before.


So I divert my attention from facebook posts to drill down on the report.  I click the link into a new screen and all I got was WTF!!

This came up:

FB-Leave-Block1Some PHP-slinger at facebook had built a custom roadblock and Internet link inspection station just for my San Diego video story.  He probably did it with two or three mouse clicks so ultimately I was not flattered or amused, instead I was at once both intrigued and pissed off like you would not believe.  How DARE THEY censor ME and attempt to divert my fans and readers from my story?   And then THEY HAD THE AUDACITY TO MAKE UP A STUPID, LAME-ASS LIE about WHY they dropped this turd in the path of my incoming traffic.


Well by now IT WAS ON!!  Beddy-BYE Time was the last thing on my mind.  The inbound traffic report became the center of my focus and in a matter of moments the odd red detours to the “DO YOU INTEND TO GO TO THE LINK’S DESTINATION” grew ever more abundant in my garden of traffic.  I was PISSED.  Would they, or could they do this shit to CNN?  How would the Young Turks handle this situation, if they ever even KNEW about it?  The only reason I became aware of it was the off chance that odd link  happened to catch my eye and I am learning the new software and I clicked on the link.   What are the odds of all THAT happening for Lee Camp or Cenk Uygur or Wolf Blitzer?  Pretty stinking slim, right?

This just kept up until it was almost 3 AM and then another anomaly caught my eye in another Chicago inbound facebook link.

FB-1SDBlock3XXX1And of course I clicked it, right?  Imagine my surprise as this appeared on my next screen!


These arrogant facebook assholes just crossed the line with me, AND, think about this one, how many others of the One and a half BILLION facebook users out there all over the world, people, families, companies, and organizations (political and otherwise) do they cross the line with EVERY DAY?

Facebook is THE monster in the Social Media space.

Click the Link for some social media players size details:(Please open in New Tab or Window)_

Sure they are just BLOCKING my little election fraud story of how the Clinton Cabal in league with the crooked Michael Vu and his crew are stealing the presidential election, no big deal right?  They blocked my story by saying sorry the bridge is out turn around and choose another destination! But what OTHER stories are they blocking?  What other lines are they crossing, again, all over the world?  THAT is really the larger question, isn’t it?

I was enraged, wouldn’t you be?  And I wondered how many times the facbook IT department is called on to do this dirty work and who else have they done it to or would do it to in the future (besides me)?  And WHO IS THE GUY WHO GIVES THE ORDER TO KILL THAT LINK?  That’s the guy I wanna get my hands on, ya know, my friends? Too bad he is most likely in Bangalore like their support people.  Doubt it?  Just give 866-535-1162 and ask for Steve, yea Steve, right.

Could they cross that line as many times as the number of people who have encountered the dreaded facebook checkpoint for Malware?  Click here to down load the anti-malware program from the screws in Moscow that eats up your MaAfee or other standard computer immune system, and gives your system equivalent of Digital-AIDS??  Research shows that here are a lot of them out there folks.

Check out Jack Yan’s blog in France if you doubt me about the Digital AIDS thing. (Please open in New Tab or Window)_


Screen shot 2016-07-09 at 2.16.56 PM


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