Feb 1 in Standing Rock Police: come down on the Last Child Camp


2-1-17 ¬†From Dallas Goldtooth via FB: ¬†76 arrested today at “Last Child Camp” site, a newly founded camp site near main encampment on #NoDAPL frontline

And This from Dallas too so if you see this image dump it!

Tactics have not changed much in 140 Years Charge in and Overwhelm them, Right?

From Indigenous Rising Media: #NoDAPL UPDATE 3:41 pm CST

ND Law Enforcement (Morton co sheriffs) are moving to clear the newly-established “Last Child Camp”, that is located immediately on the west side of Hwy 1806, across the road from the main entrance to the Oceti Sakowin camp.

The area of the new camp is reportedly on private property, thus enough grounds for the police to roll in.

Police have communicated to Oceti Sakowin camp security detail that they will NOT be raiding the big camp. They state that they only intend to remove people from the newly-established camp area.

They have given a dispersal order to the new camp, titled Last Child Camp. Police are now moving to make arrests of those who do not disperse from the designated area.

From Standing Rock Rising More from Standing Rock:
Just so everyone is aware: Law enforcement allowed water protectors from Oceti camp to come up to Last Child camp. They were allowed to disassemble the tipis and bring them back to camp.
Really need some of you to stop spreading garbage rumors. -Redhawk



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