For Immediate Release: Jan 20 Los Angles Day of Action Unite Against Hate March and Rally Down Town LA is drawing Huge Attention!


Jeremy White and Des O’Regan of California for Progress announced not only a January 20th Day of Action entitled Unite Against Hate, they asserted an Historic Coalition of Activist organizations including Answer Coalition, National Lawyers Guild, Hermandad Mexicanana, and a few other groups who expressed interest in joining with California for Progress, to bring an estimated One Hundred Thousand people to Down Town LA on Inauguration Day.  We at are looking and hoping for a MASSIVE demonstration of maybe a MILLION Marchers from all over southern California to join us and demonstrate that Enough is absolutely Enough right NOW!

These people will stand together, as well as WITH the gatherings of folks In Washington DC at Occupy Inauguration, and other gatherings from across the country to express their LOVE for America and opposition for the continued hateful division of our citizens.  The Coalition stands FOR the rights of peaceful assembly, freedom of speech and redress of grievances to OUR government. Oh and WE stand for Standing Rock and #NoDAPL.

We stand  AGAINST division of people by race, religion, national origin and economic status.  In the model of Berniecrats across the country, this Coalition’s prime goal is to bring people together and to move America forward in peaceful commonality.

We also DEMAND of the government, who seems to have forgotten or simply ignored who they work for, our collective rights of Social, Economic, Judaical, and Environmental Equity for all, not just for the advantage of the few. AND WE DEMAND transparent and Legitimate Elections Everywhere, at EVERY LEVEL in America.  And NO we do not believe for a second it was the Russians that Stole the election from Bernie Sanders and his voters. Do You?

Other issues to be stressed are Universal Health Care, Maintaining and Strengthening Social Security and all the components of our Progressive Platform of, for, and by the People.  This Day of action all across America MUST be carried on the shoulders of Young and Old alike as well as Millions of working folks who are seeing the American Dream slip further and further away and out of the reach of the average citizens.  

We want peaceful resolution of the issues that were NOT addressed in the recent election and for the Elite to know that they, not unlike the ruling class in East Germany not so long ago, can and will be crushed by the weight and will of the 200 or more odd million Americans who have less and less to lose and fewer places to find dignity, safety, and comfort in our country today.  Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness has been reduced to an everyday struggle for survival for so many Americans and THAT, my friends, can not stand.  In Solidarity.

Come to the website at California for Progress to become part of this Coalition for Justice. And COME to Down Town Los Angeles on Jan 20 to make YOUR voice and face part of History.  Commit to yourself to take Collective Action to reverse the trend of Americans From Portland Oregon to Portland Maine starving and freezing to death this winter.  Make a plan to carpool, come VERY early, and for as many of you that can, take the Metro and save the cost and hassle of parking.  BUT JUST COME DOWN AND TAKE YOUR ACTIONS.  Thank You!   -Larry Alger Justice News Network

Oh and By The Way, PLEASE share this with everyone you know who can POSSIBLY come to LA on Jan 20 by Email, Facebook, Twitter and IF they do not have a computer or smart phone, CALL THEM and tell them about it.  Thank You.

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