Forget the Dems Go GREEN EnMass and Break The Two Party System NOW!


This video tells the basic story of the Democratic party in 2017 and beyond. The Corruption is systemic. The leadership does not give a DAMN about the VOTER. Our elections are being stolen right before our very eyes and NO ONE in either party will make an honest move to end it.

WE THE PEOPLE must come together to VOTE SO BIG that neither side CAN steal the presidency as has MOSTLY been the case since 1968. So what will be harder? Fighting Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Ag and Big Pharma for the control of the DNC, or just registering Green and then SHOWING UP to VOTE at EVERY DAMN ELECTION for delegates, and committee seats at the district level, and at the POLLS to overwhelm the cheaters and take back our stolen elections? What do YOU think? #DemExit #GreenEnter Got it?  Lets kick their asses in 2018 and 2020, shall we? Otherwise you will have to pick up weapons and take it to the streets people. No One WANTS THAT now do they. Do You Duty because when Injustice becomes Law Resistance becomes DUTY!

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