We are working on a story of a Chinese dissident who stood up against the government there.  He was chased out of China to America, applied for political asylum in Los Angeles. Our Federal government has had him locked up for over three years now awaiting deportation back to China and a possible Death Sentence.

Before and Since fleeing China he has published insight into the reality of living under a tyrannical regime that punishes dissent and rewards compliance. Kinda looks like what his happening HERE in America doesn’t it folks?  Well this report is a little background on the reality of China NOW and how that influence has seemingly come to OUR SHORES.  Will it influence OUR Government? Has it ALREADY influenced how our government works? Will that influence hasten the LOSS of OUR Liberties?  Take a look at these reports and share them to your friends who wish to remain free and live in a country where the First, Second, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments are still alive and well, like WE DO! Larry Alger Publisher

Headline:   Recently, the Beijing police took my brother sightseeing again. Nine days, two guards, chauffeured tours through a national park that’s a World Heritage site, visits to Taoist temples and to the Three Gorges, expenses fully covered, all courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security. The point was to get him out of town during the 2018 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, held in early September. The capital had to be in a state of perfect order; no trace of trouble was permissible. And Zha Jianguo, a veteran democracy activist, is considered a professional troublemaker. Click Link for More>>>



Headline:  The Chinese police have repeatedly cracked down on the workers and students involved in the Jasic Technology dispute. These include Zhang Shengye, a recent Peking University graduate, who was detained last month by “men in black clothing” on campus last month. Around 15 students and recent graduates are still in detention after their arrest earlier in the year, according to the Jasic Workers’ Solidarity Group. Four have been denied access to their lawyers.   Click Link for More>>>


Headline:  Protests after violent seizure of Peking University’s Marxist Society The Marxist Society of Peking University were getting ready to celebrate Mao’s 125th birthday when the university administration abruptly deposed its leader, Qui Zhanxuan, and replaced the Society’s leadership and upper cadres with 32 ringers largely drawn from the Communist Youth League or the Chinese Communist Party.

Protests after violent seizure of Peking University’s Marxist Society


Internet maintenance day1

Headline:  According to the most recent report on internet censorship by Freedom House, a US government-funded NGO, China remains the “world’s worst abuser of internet freedom.” Click Link for More>>>


Linked In Bows to China Censorship

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China Internet Crackdown

Headline: On January 3, China’s top internet censor — the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) — announced on its website that it has launched a new campaign against “negative and harmful information” on the internet.

According to the CAC statement, the definition of “negative and harmful information” is extremely vague but, at the same time, all-inclusive. Any content that is “pornographic, vulgar, violent, horrific, fraudulent, superstitious, abusive, threatening, inflammatory, rumor, and sensational,” or related to “gambling,”  or spreading “bad lifestyles and bad culture” should all be cleaned up. The latest crackdown will involve websites, mobile applications, online forums, instant message services, and live-streaming platforms — all the internet platforms that one could think of.  Click Link for More>>>



China’s Social Credits System

Headline: China has started ranking citizens with a creepy ‘social credit’ system — here’s what you can do wrong, and the embarrassing, demeaning ways they can punish you.   Click Link for More>>>