Consider this possibility people!
Free Speech is DYING FAST under the banner of Fake News! Blame it on Pizzagate people, AND of course the Russians!

Justice News Network has taken a lot of push-back for our #Pizzagate reporting.  NO matter what the outcome is WE believe that a comprehensive investigation MUST be conducted with complete transparency.  And Tell Us what kind of person collects and displays THIS kind of “ART” in their front room?  “ART”  based on the work of Jeffery Dahmer, the murdering homosexual predator who was also a CANNIBAL?  Two Examples of the collection of Tony Podesta, John’s Podesta’s brother, and by the way, both Podestas are long time friends of Ex-Speaker of the House Denny Hasteret.  You know that life long  convicted pervert and jailed pedophile.  Yes THAT Denny Hastert!

Exhibit One:

Exhibit Two:

Tony Podesta… This is one sick dude (and his wife likes this crap too!)

JNN is in agreement with this Journalist!

 Report From:

UPDATE: 11-24-16 The following transmission was sent by a senior level journalist with a reputable agency who wrote anonymously. Shortly after (s)he spoke out, Reddit banned tens of thousands of people from speaking about #PizzaGate in what some are calling the largest ban in Internet history.