ALL of my friends and I BLED Feel The Bern. We WON you the states they PERMITTED you to have, and many others (LIKE CALIFORNIA HERE) that they STOLE from you and us. While you will ALWAYS be a hero to me, YOU JUST BROKE MY HEART WITH THIS VIDEO.  While technically correct, it is BASED on a fundamental LIE! The LIE IS that Hillary will Stop Fracking and take action against BIG OIL!

Hillary A VOTE to Protect the Planet? From What? Not from Fracking, Not from WAR. NOT from the Oligarchs!  What do YOU think SHE will protect the planet from Bernie? I am ASHAMED of this Video. Ashamed!

YOU KNOW THAT IS BULLSHIT Don’t ya Bernie? YOU GOTTA KNOW IT! Breaks my Heart!

Do you really BELIEVE one damn word Hillary Clinton says?