Damn, Ya trust someone and they just screw you over for spite.
I did not see it coming.  I thought I could trust that guy and after almost a month of diligence and quality work form this guy, I never thought he would do something stupid, then sabotage and deface my twitter page because I reduced his permissions on the web site.  Take a look at the screen shots the twitter page all pinked out and defaced with Hillary..   How would YOU feel folks?




AFTER Defacement!!!


What a shame you can not take people at their words, isn’t it?  After giving him responsibility for the look of the site and creating new graphics which I was not only grateful for he volunteered to place them to update the look of the site as well.  I guess I just gotta let it go and let bygones be bygones…  At least I can share it with my readers so you can see how it went down…  It is really getting crazy out there, isn’t it?

Thanks for your support,

Larry Alger, Publisher