From our Worldly Friend DES in California…

It is our responsibility to understand what is really going on and to be accountable for both our actions and those who make decisions in our name while misinforming and lying outright. This is not for our best interest but theirs.

At least 52,369 people were killed in Iraq during 2016.

Another 21,795 were wounded. According to figures compiled by, at least 9,148 civilians, 6,430 security personnel, and 36,661 militants were killed.

I will go on record to say that as horrific as these numbers appear, they are by far a too conservative estimate.

Consider that the US Intelligence Committee has had to cede that upwards of 93% of drone casualties are innocent civilians and at least 6% of the remainder are ” likely ” connected to terrorism…. Leaving ONE PERCENT with ” probable ties” to terrorism…

Consider the fact that drone targets are decided by secret committee if at all, and more often than not are simply ” convenient” target kills, whatever that means.

If Iraqis or dare we consider any of the countries America the UN and NATO has droned so humanely all these years were to send THEIR humanitarian liberating peace drones to American skies and take ” likely” and ” probable” actions after funding your children’s ” educational ideologies” and shipping guns to American ” Bengazis” and ” Aleppos” what would YOUR response be?

It’s time Americans, Britons, Canadians, Frenchies, Germans and all the rest take note of the now worn out been there done that political war dog script and take stock.

Why are you fighting?
Who said so?
What is the ultimate goal?
Who said so?
Who benefits?
Who said so?
Who loses?
Who said so?
Is it worth it?
Who said so?
What alternatives are there?
Who said so?
How do you get from here to there?
Who said so?
What do you need, to achieve that goal?
Who said so?
Those goals?
Who said so?
What do you want more than anything, in this lifetime?
What are your goals?
What do you fear?
What do you love?
What do you need, to accomplish a live able combination of the above?
Who do you love?

How about starting with this now?
It’s later than you think and for too many, it’s too late.