HAWAII Primaries today! A voter’s guide for Bernie’s down ticket! Run Tulsi Run! ALOHA!


August 13, 2016

Warren Lynch has been writing voting guides for those interested in voting for the progressive candidates by state. That’s really digging in deep and it’s absolutely worth your appreciation!     Our present WINNER total of BernieCrats and Progressive candidates is currently:


46 have won State Primaries for Federal races, and 183 for State races

On the August 9th primaries, BernieCrats and progressive Democrats won 87% on the day with a total of 73 offices out of 83! Hip-Hip BERRRRRRRN!

32 wins in VT, 14 in MN, 9 in WI and 8 in CT

Click the Guides below to view your state primaries for Progressives and BernieCrats:

A BernieCrat voters’ guide to taking over Hawaii down-ticket TODAY AUGUST 13TH!


A BernieCrat voters’ guide to taking over Wyoming down-ticket on AUGUST 16TH!


A BernieCrat voters guide to taking over Alaska down-ticket on AUGUST 16TH! 


Vote for Tom Guild in Oklahoma for the 5th District on August 23rd!


A BernieCrat voter’s guide to taking over Arizona down-ticket on AUGUST 30TH!


A BernieCrat voters’ guide to taking over Florida down-ticket on AUGUST 30TH!

‪#‎NotMeUs‬ ‪#‎BernieCrats‬ ‪#‎PeacefulTakeover‬ #OurRevolution

Warren Lynch’s solo activity for the Revolution is what this is all about! Like me and Larry Algers at Justice News Network,Election Justice USA, BlackBoxVoting, Citizens Oversight Project, Represent.us, EXPATS for Sanders, Berniecrats.net, Our Revolution and many others out there, are doing their thing, dedicating themselves and setting an example for others; finding something no one is presently doing that could benefit the whole of the Revolutions cause.

For me, and hopefully for many, this Bernie-driven Political Revolution is about replacing ever seat taken by an establishment person with a Progressive candidate who is alignment with Senator Bernie Sanders and his imperative changes and policies for our Government. Too many systems are broken. They are planning to break even more and are presently leaning towards martial law and increasing the size of the ever-present world war III.

Enough is Enough!

K. Timothy Lippert
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