A Heavy Dose Of Reality 9-6-19  Larry Alger JusticeNewsNework.com

Hey everybody here is today’s Heavy Dose of Reality!  The job of policing is to Protect and Serve and NOT to just control and oppress.  That’s right YOU are not right if you believe your job is to Control, Beat, Shoot and Contain people who are demanding their fundamental dues and rights as a fellow human beings on this ever shrinking and dangerously  more fragile planet on which we ALL travel together.

Protect and Serve, what does that mean to you Cop?  Does it mean the first one that gets off rounds goes home?  Do you operate that way?  Do you get a RUSH when you exercise your authority over anyone?  Are you secretly delighted when you get to wade into an argument, or intervene at a traffic accident and someone, anyone gets out of line and YOU get to fuck them up?  If that ever happens to you, then you are not right and need to seek some help to find whatever scraps of humanity you may have left, and build a different life outlook, ASAP brother or sister.  Yep take a look at yourself, do you LIKE what you see, is your Mom proud of you?   So does this does this look like you?

Please do not be a Bully or a Criminal with a badge.

Or Do YOU look like this sometimes? EVER?  Do your Buddies? Yes?

If this is you, you better figure out PRONTO, that these people for the most part, are standing up for clean water to drink, clean air to breath, honest elections, a way to make an honest living, a good education for their kids, health care for everyone, like every other country has, and the pension or social security we paid into for 50 years to BE THERE at retirement. And You’re beating folks for that, really?

Thanks for YOUR attention. This Heavy Dose of Reality is brought to you by Justice News Network.