Civil Discourse??    First of all people, the following Not-So-Civil discourse and information dump is the FUCKING TRUTH! This statement, in addition to the fact that Bernie has now begun running a repeat of the Obama 2008 Campaign including health care which YOU will never get AGAIN….

  I challenge ANYONE to refute ONE example, citation or chunk of history herein….

And Bernie, YOU and Zogby want us to MAKE NICE with the Establishment who FUCKED US OVER? This is the beginning of Bernie attempting to draw US back into the corrupt Democratic Party     What Happened to you Really…….  (Click red links for video/reports)

I used to believe this

But NOW I subscribe TO THIS:

AND to this…..

Because of this:


Get the Picture?  Civil Discourse?
It is WAY beyond that people.. WAY….


How do you propose to CHANGE the system when the system is rigged, the elections are stolen, and we can not get an honest election here in California for the Democratic State Party Chair, let alone the entire nation?

AND OUR  U.S.  ARMY stands watch over the poppy fields in Afghanistan so BIG PHARMA can gross TWO TRILLION DOLLARS on the Legal and Black market heroin the Taliban wants to burn down…. Meanwhile we have a nation of heroin addicts right here at home, don’t we?  This is all by design!  THAT is how fucked up the system is…

And YOU are gonna do WHAT to change it? Ask David Petraus and his JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force out of CENTCOM) headquartered in Tampa to stop dealing the Heroin, White Phosphorous weapons and the Depleted Uranium ammo they sell and use all over the world. And do not forget that Obama and FUCKING CLINTOON set all this up when she was SOS and also funneled the billions to the Foundation?

Time is running out and the people who run the deep state/shadow government are even more crazy than that fuck in Vegas who opened up with the machine guns outta the 32 story window yesterday… They are that crazy because they KNOW they are getting away with it all because Bernie and the upper echelon SAY NOTHING about it, or even mention the DNC Sponsored Awan Spy Ring in Congress operating with impunity for the last 14 years…  Civil Discourse??? FUCK THAT….

AND ALL YOU FOLKS SAY I AM THE STUPID FOOL WHO NEEDS TO GET IN LINE AND NOT CALL OUT BERNIE SANDERS ON HIS SHIT…. Wake the hell up people… I am doing Paul Revere’s job here folks…  MEANWHILE Bernie does what he does and and sucks money and efforts outta you all because TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP…. WHO HE AND HILLARY GOT ELECTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Jonathan Pie from Britain is our newest Hero of Truth!

Here is the deal that set this all off… I got an email today from The Sanders Institute and James Zogby. ALL this is my reply to him… I also used to Believe  What A 2016 Fool I turned out to be, You Too?

So James Zogby Thanks for the Email asking me and others to engage in Civil-Discourse, AND to donate more money to YOUR Institute. My initial reaction to this request??? Are You Fucking Kidding Us Or What? So take heed of the following TRUTH from an An American Veteran who refused to DIE in 2015 of cancer because I “HAD TO LIVE TO SEE BERNIE SANDERS ELECTED PRESIDENT”

Open Letter to Bernie Sanders on the Political Revolution! by Larry Alger

James Zogby, YOU SAID: TSI’s purpose, as defined in our mission statement, is to revitalize our democracy by fostering an informed electorate and advocating progressive ideas through civil discourse.

Well I will give Bernie THIS…. He woke up a great number of Americans All Right. His apparently BOGUS run for the PRESIDENCY stirred up so many Americans that one of the REAL results is that WE proved the BIG MONEY of the Oligarchs on the Democratic side AND the Republican side CAN BE challenged by the $228 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS that me and and my Bern-Fam contributed to Bernie’s shadow campaign against Clinton AND Trump $27 fucking dollars at a time. You MAY have noticed the operative word so far in this response is FUCK. That is because it is vital to YOU and your ilk to understand that what happened in the Primaries of 2016 is THAT the people who turned out to REVITALIZE our Democracy got FUCKED! We got fucked out of our time and MASSIVE efforts to Elect Bernie President. WE got fucked out of the 228 MILLION fucking dollars that the people who bought into the bullshit that Bernie COULD WIN opened our economic veins and BLED into his campaign. Yea, we are awake, like NEVER before. We are Informed, like NEVER before.  AND WE ARE FUCKING PISSED OFF LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

James Zogby, YOU SAID: Recent events have brought home just how vital it is to focus on changing the way we debate and challenging those who use personal attacks, harsh tactics, or vulgar language in an effort to stifle opposing points of view.

God Damn this is such bullshit I can hardly contain myself as I sit here and write this. THE event that must be addressed is NOT Trump’s language… Fuck That…. The reality of the DNC STEALING the primary from Bernie in favor of the WORST Candidate EVER is what must be addressed by us all INCLUDING BERNIE SANDERS. What transpired around the nation was TREASON and nothing short of it Zogby, FUCKING TREASON! And until Bernie comes clean HE is complicit in that treason, just like YOU and anyone else who refuses to address the TREASON IS COMPLICIT.

No there is NO ROOM for civil discourse or polite discussion of “Revitalizing our Democracy” In light of the fact that YOU have not stood against the TREASON that has come to RULE us like Stalin did in Russia Russia Russia. YOU to are a traitor. Or are you are just a coward with your head up your ass….. Which is where you can shove your Oh Please lets have Civil Discourse shit… It is WAAAYY Beyond all that people!

Soldier and Warrior fighting for Truth Justice and Equity in America