Hey Crooked Hillary and Corrupt DNC YOU Are KILLING the Party By Larry Alger


Keep it up and there will be no one left to Lie Cheat or Steal from in the Democratic Party.  I left yesterday after voting for McGovern the first time I voted and never left until NOW! As a matter of fact I am EXACTLY with the woman in the video here: I want my Democracy BACK!!!  Clean House!

From Facebook – Listen Up: I’m pretty shocked by the voter registration numbers in North Carolina. #DemExit has been underway here at least since the March 15 primary. My analysis of the registration statistics from the North Carolina State Board of Elections website shows that the vast number of net new registrations are for unaffiliated voters, with the Democrats dropping after the June 7th primaries in California and other states and falling more after Bernie Sanders endorsed HRC. North Carolina Democrats should be very worried that they have such a small slice of the pie compared to Republicans and unaffiliated voters. How does it look in your state?


Hey Bernie Sanders it is looking like an Independent like YOU has a shot, right?

California Still Loves You and HATES Clinton for the stuff she and her minions did like THIS:

And David Brock and his online hatchet people did stuff like this:Hillary-NotMe1

Yep Crooked Hillary and Corrupt DNC what in the hell have you been thinking, oh yea World Domination, THAT’S IT RIGHT?  Well I for one say YOU can NOT have it ALL and your time has come to be judged for your crimes.  Hilary you have pushed it too far and played the American people for suckers for the last time.  I don’t want Trump, no same person wants Trump but NONE I KNOW WANTS YOU and your scheme of VOTE AGAINST TRUMP just might backfire this time.  Unless Bernie jumps in and goes Indy with us….

Yep Hillary you are killing the party and American Democracy at the same time.

Please just take your hundreds of MILLION$ and go away! AND Take Pete With Ya!