JNN Editorial comment: Upon closer inspection and analysis of several Not My President events we see unfolding in our streets nationwide, do not appear to be JUST  spontaneous reactions to the election results of Nov 8th.  Rather they seem to be a well orchestrated performance by a core of agent prevaricators joined by large crowds of angry people recruited through social media and well motivated word of mouth carnival barker types.

In Fact yesterday in Los Angeles a LAPD officer was assaulted, injured and his weapon taken.  THAT is most likely the action of professionals and less likely that of random street thugs.  First, there are no LAPD street cops in a situation like that who are not highly trained.  Secondly while operating in the mass demonstration context it is highly unusual for an officer to be separated from their team members.  Thirdly, after more than fifty years experience in dealing with the LAPD and LACSD I know from first hand experience that this kind of thing just does not happen often, and reeks of planned operation by trained professionals with black block tactics and highly capable in hand to hand combat.

I submit that this action and the results are most likely targeted to add further tension between police and citizens increasing the possibilities of deadly confrontations between them.  The motivation is obvious to me, more anger from the cops results in tighter means of control and heightened paranoia from those the police are watching and working to keep in civic line. Thus the higher probabilities of chaos, disorder and civil unrest.

11-14-15 Remember this video above? Didn’t see it before? THIS is how the Clinton – Soros Cabal plays it, and it is never honest. NEVER! YOU need to watch both videos even if you saw them a few weeks ago. Take another look to see KIND OF PEOPLE who are organizing and funding all these Not My President actions in the streets. THOSE are the lying cheaters that are stampeding the angry people using the divides of ignorance, race and poverty. The call out that Trump is a rich racist is NOT any kind of valid reason to riot in the street. For Me personally, a valid reason to riot in the street WAS Hillary Clinton and her paid operatives like those on these videos, committed treason in stealing the primary from Bernie. And what happened? Nada Zero Zilch Bupkis! No marches, no demonstrations, no riots Nothing except MOST Berners fled the the Jill Stein campaign and it seems that they have gotten their votes stolen there too by the Soros funded Clinton paid officials breaking tghe laws flipping, stealing and suppressing votes!

It should have been THIS!!! But No!!!


Democrat OR Republican So do YOU fall for this kind of CORRUPT cheating?  Is THIS OK with you? Seems like a lot of people should go to jail

In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign. The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called birddogging.

A shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations are revealed.

Part 2 is right here:

Damn the level of ORGANIZED corruption almost makes Trump look OK, when compared to Clinton anyway.

10-22-16 UPDATE!

Hillary Clinton just got smacked with a major lawsuit… and the timing for her could not be worse.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is filing a formal complaint against the DNC and Hillary Clinton, via Breitbart.com.

In an exclusive interview with the news agency, O’Keefe stated, “As the chairman of Project Veritas, our work is financially independent and beholden to nobody. Our work is funded by thousands of contributors, small, medium, and large.”

He continued, “What I have learned about our media – and it’s frightening – is that almost everyone is compromised. Media companies are beholden to stockholders and I have sources that I am trying to get to go on the record to explain that these companies are afraid of reporting this story for fear of political retaliation.”

O’Keefe believes if the American people knew what truly went on behind the scenes in politics, it would change everything about their perception of our system.

If you would like to see the full complaint filed by Project Veritas and James O’Keefe, click here.

The key pieces of information for which the complaint is based are the videos in this post!





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