August 3, 2016JNN_Banner_moneyFinal

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FBI Director Comey, knew he could have asked the NSA to show him the emails found on Hillary Clintons server, but didn’t. Just let that sink in.

It is said that because of some of those emails, secret agents in the middle east were compromised and even some of them killed.

WHY CAN SHE STILL RUN FOR OFFICE. You think McDonald’s would even give her a job with her record?

Watch this Video from Fox News (I KNOW ITS MSM) from Shepard Smith Reporting. It is an Interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano. The new claim is that U.S. Intelligence officials hacked the server and handed those emails over to Wikileaks! Why? Hillary is why.


Bernie put your socks back on!

That’s me playing drums to the beat of “HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016″……sing along!