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Hold On! Are all these Vaxxs Setting us up for SuperBugs to wipe out the Vaxxed?

Updated 10-15-21

Dr Peter McCullough Reviews the Covid Vaxx Reality

9-10-21 New featured image shows Twitter labels VARES Data from the CDC as Misleading

Dr Robert Malone who invented the mRNA Vax Tech has a lot to say about that and he says it does not look good!

Listen to what He has to say  Thank You Dr Malone

1 Oct 14 21

2 Sept 6 21

 Here is WHY & HOW Covid was not stopped early and became a Global Pandemic

Listen to David Martin as he explains the history of SARS  Covid & the BioWeapons they became after Facui and his scientists did all this with US Govt Grants & recorded in US Patent records! 

Dr Bryan Ardis will set you straight about those who have killed so many Americans there is no real count! Covid is NOT a health issue it is a mechanism of control and global genocide

Here is Dr Peter McCullough the most published Cardio Doc in the whole USA Listen to him explain his experience of Covid & the Vax

Listen to these brave Nurses tell the truth YOU need to hear!

Everyone world wide needs to stand up against the crimes against Humanity being committed by the Corporate Pirates and their governmental mercenaries!  Takin it to the Street like this

Here is how to Oppose The Frauds Do it for yourselves & do it for your kids

Here is what they are doing in France

What to do?
Find other like minded people from all over the world at this website connect and make your voices heard by those who have lost touch with We The People!

We MUST Stand Together to Stop the Genocide!