Holy Gina McCarthy are climate actions really front and center in the Biden Admin?


1-30-21 By Larry Alger

Gina McCarthy Who is she?

A career public servant in both Democratic and Republican administrations, Gina McCarthy has been a leading advocate for common sense strategies to protect public health and the environment for more than thirty years. As the head of EPA under President Obama, she led historic progress to achieve the administration’s public health and environmental protection goals and Climate
From https://iop.harvard.edu/fellows/gina-mccarthy 

Our Perspective:  Watch all these videos and you will be a Gina McCarthy fan.
She sounds like a BIG part of the solution to a lot of problems we ALL have. These are problems that effect every single person on the damned planet.  Every One Of Us People. She also sounds like she knows what she is talking about with a high level of confidence.
I’m betting that she will become a BIG part of many solutions Every Single Person On The Planet need NOW.

Climate Policy on Protecting People Of Color Jan 30-21

Judy Woodriff with Gina McCarthy PBS  Climate Change Policy 1-27-21

Gina McCarthy EPA  2013 July 24


Clean Power Plan Explained Aug 2015


Gina McCarthy EPA on Paris Climate Talks Nov 2015

Nov 2013 A conversation with Gina McCarthy

I do not know about you all but I have reason to hope Gina McCarthy will help solve some problems and give millions of people, even Hundred of Millions of people actions to support and build conciseness around as soon as possible.  Let’s save our collective backsides people.  HEY, Always be part of the solution not part of the problem.


  1. This is just more of the same-old/same-old rhetoric that the government has been spewing for years. The EPA has not protected us and if she has been part of that EPA, she is no friend of ours. The major cause of climate disasters like fires, earthquakes, floods, droughts has been CREATED and she has not and will not discuss that! The issue of chemtrails and weather engineering was not addressed here and don’t count on hearing anything about it from her or her cronies. As long as we ignore this, we are doomed to a continual pollution from the toxic chemicals that are released in the chemtrails every day! This is what the Uniparty has planned for us:https://dailyclout.io/greennewdeal-astonishes-vast-for-vcs-new-banks-fed-reserve-natl-smart-grid-no-oversight/

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