Homeless in Seattle The Reporting Adventure

The Adventure Continues! (Week 4)

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I got a one month reprieve on street living.

I also have a new office space I am trading work for in Lakewood. Things are looking up!

I called Orting yesterday and was told I have to re-qualify through another panel interview in Port Orchard.  Damn.


22days to living on the streets.

At a VHOG in Lacey looking for latest possibilities.
While at the VHOG I discussed my case with a VSO (Veterans Service Officer).
I was told that yes I am on the master list for that county however I am not
getting traction because I am far down on the list because I have “LOW VI”
What is low VI?  I didn’t know either so I asked. I was told VI  is>>>>>

Venerability Index.

Oh that means because I am not yet homeless, I am not a drug addict or an alcoholic with a history of criminal activity or record of being in jail or prison, I am lower on the list of receiving immediate placement in an eligible housing facility.  Interesting.  BUT the minute I become homeless I need to let them know so they can adjust my Venerability Index score. Interesting. That is ALL for now.


First day of Volunteer work at the Lacey WA  Veterans Hub.  Spent times introducing the VSO (Veterans Services Organization) to a few new clients and watching the paperwork and computer input processes for a couple of others.  I was able to get a resource list for Thurston County. After my shift I spent over an hour making calls to prospective housing options.  MOST had, it turns out waiting lists of a year to 2 1/2 years.  So I tuned my efforts to comping a list of Olympia area homeless shelters thanks to a friendly voice at the Crisis Clinic in Oly. 

Tomorrow it is back to Veteran’s Hub in the morning then off to the Lakes VA in the afternoon for an appointment with Dr Ed Chiro. Another great guy in the Puget Sound VA System.



Still nothing has materialized new housing wise as of today. I still have a hard time getting my head around packing up my little room and crowding all of it back in my cargo trailer being graciously stored by my friend Dave in Tacoma.

7-4-19  Happy Birthday to you America!

America Forged in Fire Bathed in Blood. No longer Of For and By the People we are ruled by the Oligarchy. This will continue to get worse until all our votes are cast and counted accurately Yes For and By US, people.

Thanks to my most recent friend Barbara for the invite to her homestead in the woods for great company and a nice meal. (I brought the fixings)  I really like her dog. Such as beautiful view from her porch.

Happy 4th Everyone!


Down to Olympia to visit the Secretary of State offices.  On advise of council I am there to pick up the paperwork to file for a Non-Profit corporation. Amazing visit.  Fast and effective was in and out in 15 minutes and 13 of that was waiting in line.

Stop in Lacey, Wa at the Veterans Hub service Organization to work with Shane on my orientation for being the newest Volunteer.  I was shown the phone system, paperwork files, clipboard sign in systems, the vital numbers and referrals lists, introduced to several others there like Adam, Jody, Ashley and Rebecca.  Pleasant afternoon and I was assigned my first work date for Monday June 8 afternoon shift.


Trip down to Lakewood to the VA for a fast check-in with the Primary and some records reconciliation. Then a stop in Lake City with my attorney Mr. Chaplan.  He advised me to pursue setting up a Washington State Non-Profit corporation and to apply for a 501C3 charitable structure for HomelessInSeattle.me and SaveVeteranLives.com.


Email Follow up with the Seattle Times Project Homeless with Engagement Editor Scott Greenstone:


I left you a voicemail about my blog at HomelessinSeattle.me

I am a recent transplant to the PNW from So Cal.
The project I came here to work on folded after a few months instead of
the project of two years I was sold on when I moved from LA in Dec.  That has left me scrambling to maintain a roof over my head since April.Scott, EVEN IF I am forced to live out of my truck and shelters I will continue to report the experience Thus, I am looking for strategic alliances for wider
audiences. Could that be YOU and the TIMES?  I hope so. I need a positive break.Please start with checking out my blog at HomelessinSeattle.me I included this in today

And check out some of my recent reporting at my
website through these recent report links.  Thanks so much.
Larry Alger

10 Check out SaveVeteranLives.com as well please.  Thanks



Are YOU homeless (or like me, facing down the VERY REAL possibility)  in Seattle or elsewhere in Washington?  Maybe this could get your story heard, and get you on a good track.  Let us know here at  JNN if you get some positive results from this source.           Larry Alger, Publisher 888-849-6160

I found this story thread from the Seattle Times today so I reached out to editor Scott Greenstone via their Call in voicemail line at 206-464-2202.  Hoping for engagement with him and the Times.  Another point of contact  homeless@seattletimes.com  Twitter @timeshomeless  Here is the About Project Homeless Link>>>>> https://www.seattletimes.com/about-project-homeless/#about-project-homeless


Good day in Lacey Wa. yesterday. I did VHOG (Veterans Housing Organization Groups) intake for Thurston County and met some really great people like Keith and Shane at the Lacey Veterans Hub.  And Special Thanks to Sophie Blake of SideWalk http://walkthurston.org  She took all the time that she needed to ask the questions and fill in the blanks on my behalf.   I guess it went pretty good as I asked about and was accepted through first phase screening for  a volunteer position at the Veterans Hub.
Looks like SaveVeteranLives.com is moving forward Progressively. Real World….

I hope some new housing manifests soon though all these options and opportunities I am working with! And Thanks to Lee Camp for the like and reply on my Homelessinseattle.me tweet on Twitter today!


Hopeful News! Tomorrow I have an appointment with VHOG in the Olympia area for an initial interview.  That is Veterans Housing Organizational Groups.  I hope that have something open and I can qualify for and be placed before next year.  Keep your fingers crossed folks!  Thanks


While I still have the roof over me for a little while longer, today I began to reflect on what it is to be homeless.   While I’m grateful for every minute I have left of a roof over head (not my truck roof), a bed to sleep in and inside plumbing, it hit me that homelessness is not just the roof, it is your contextual reality and state of mind as well.

The impetus of this reflection was while attending to my wound care of the biopsy points cut out of me in three spots Friday, I was not able to do anything with the one on my back because I can not reach it.  I have no one to assist me to change the dressing and put on the medicine it needs because while I still have a roof for a little while I do not have a home in that sense.  Not even a neighbor I can call on to take care of the spot on my back.    I guess there is a gulf between shelter and a home I have never recognized before today.  Wow>>>>



Well it looks like the unthinkable may be finally happening to me.  The JNN adventure in Seattle has taken a new twist in that I, the publisher of Justice News Network am looking down the barrel of living out of my truck on the streets of the Puget Sound region.

It will be an interesting reporting cycle that after 67 years I am facing homelessness, and may have to live on the streets like so many other Americans these days.   I’ll find out what is reality on the mean streets he in the Pacific NW and report what I find, pictures, video and live streams.  Stay Tuned folks.        Because>>>>>>>>

Seattle-  Jet City underbelly of those just getting by.