Why is homelessness a problem in the United States? Why can’t the nation with the most abundantly concentrated wealth in the world take care of its own people? These are some very important questions to answer. The quickest way to find an answer to these questions is to look at the economic system that operates in the United States. Capitalism does not have the ability to compensate for those people who are not able to ‘fit into’ the system that has been established, so these people are left behind to fend for themselves in a system that stigmatizes them has failures, when, in reality, it is not their fault. Who’s fault is it then?

The quick answer is that blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of those men who are responsible for the irresponsible horse trading that goes on at the highest points of the capitalist free market economy. Stock brokers, investment bankers, and investors, among others, play with people’s livelihood every day when they toss money around like it is Halloween candy. The reason that these people do not invest in helping the homeless is because it is not profitable; it does not increase their profits or help to maximize their bottom line. The video below outlines some basic data on homelessness. It clearly shows that Homeless people are not the problem, they are the result of the problem.

When will this ever end? Like always, it can only end when the people make it end.

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