Cory Booker REALLY?

There is so much wrong with your email just like there is so much WRONG with the DNC, which YOU are a BIG part of. So WHO is fear mongering here, beating the WHOLE Nation over the head with the Fear Of Trump as THE REASON to vote for the Clinton Cabal? For ME it comes down to THIS:


WHO are the ones pushing out Sanders delegates and filling their seats with PAID ACTORS for the Convention so it will LOOK UNITED (because everyone claps at the same time and OOOs and AHHS at the correct time). THAT Ain’t Trump is it?  Do YOU, dude, NOT GIVE A SHIT about the reality of stuffing the seats at the convention with PAID ACTORS PLAYING LIKE they are Sanders people and all the while dancing to the tune and reciting the script of the Clinton Foundation, Oh I mean the DNC, oh I mean the God Damn Oligarch Coalition attempting to complete the coup de tat that these paid actors in Philly are working for, just like YOU.




SHAME ON YOU CORY for sending me email SHIT like this. Pretending the party is united, trying to sell it on TV with Paid Actors PRETENDING TO SANDERS DELEGATES while the ones I elected to represent ME are either being dragged out of their seats by YOUR GOON-SQUADS, or are out in the street protesting the travesty taking place inside! So Cory you having second and third thoughts about the treason you are complicit in? OR are you dancing with GLEE thinking you are getting away with it all? WTF Dude?

Do YOU and HRC and Joe Biden and Obama REALLY THINK WE ARE ALL THAT STUID?  That we will just fall in line after YOU and your minions have done crap like THIS???  To US??


I woke up to this BS this morning from Cory Booker…..

Friend —

The Republican National Convention was full of fearmongering and divisive rhetoric. I couldn’t wait for it to be over so we could get started with our Convention.

I’m already feeling the difference here in Philadelphia — and I’m inspired. Chip in $3 or whatever you can if you’re proud to be with Democrats, too — the party that represents America’s true values of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance.

We’ve already seen so many great Americans speak. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the week unfold and feel the growing unity in the room — unity in support of our values, and unity against Donald Trump’s toxic rhetoric.

If you’re proud of the team fighting for Hillary, chip in $3 or more to show you’re with us.

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Thank you,

And Cory SEEN this ONE?  Does THIS make YOU PROUD to be a leader in the DNC???

Think I am bullshitting you?  Click the link below into a new tab. Watch this from a California Delegate in the Belly of YOUR Beast!

You’re running out of Lipstick Dude!