I am a Marine I Fight for Vets I say NO Wars for Profit based on LIES!


I am Dave Strider. I am a Marine. I took the Oath to protect and defend America our Citizens, and the Constitution from ALL Enemies foreign domestic and NOW Multi-National Corporations.

These enemies of the people have LIED us into wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq all for resources and the profits made by the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about in 1961.

What can be more important to keeping Americans fighting forces out of Harm’s Way than NOT putting them on any battlefield to profit giant Multi-National corporations and Defense Contractors?

45 BILLION a year ENDS Homelessness AND Hunger in our country AND Yet that is what they SAY we are spending a year in Afghanistan to protect the Damned Poppy fields from the Taliban. THAT is Insanity people! Click the link below for details!


And what about For Profit Health care and Privatizing the VA? I stand with Will Fischer of VoteVets. Are you a VET or have a VET in your family that NEEDS VA Care and depends on it? Are you are ready to stand with me and network with others who will stand fast against any privatization of the VA? Saddle Up Troops! Dave Strider

And THIS is Outrageous Nine Million Vets in the VA System and they are spending TEN Billion to update the records system?  Over 100 Grand Per Vet cost?  Does THAT make sense to ANYONE? Not to me

10 BILLION NO BID contract to rework VA patient records Click Link