The Featured video above is one of his recent pieces explaining what he is doing and what his investigation is turning up. Listen to the details George shares in this open source investigation process he is developing on the fly. 

If you have NOT BEEN FOLLOWING, VERY CLOSELY, THE WORK OF GEORGE WEBB FOR THE LAST 230 odd days (as of today), jumping into this report will require focus and watching the videos.  Follow the name links below to get to their YouTube pages and explore more videos, as well as the other specific off site links in this report.  THIS is the REALITY SHOW every American should be tuned into >>>>>

I am intrigued with the Crowdsourcing Intel gathering and investigation model. I have followed George since day 30 and I am convinced he is sincere in his desire to unearth the corruption that we all know is rampant in our politics. After All didn’t ALL THIS SHIT start with his pursuit of the Eric Braverman mystery disappearance? And hasn’t the corruption been been ramping up for about 50 years since Nixon struck the deal with Thieu to rig the 68 Presidential Election in his favor, and then Reagan’s deal with Iran for the Hostages in 1980 and on and on?. I absolutely BELIEVE George and Jason are onto something things that need to be exposed and investigated thoroughly. Does he KNOW who killed Seth Rich. I don’t KNOW beyond a reasonable doubt. His conclusion that Alpha J coordinated it MAY have merit. The two dead MS13 thugs in South Carolina tied back to Alpha J, and ultimately to the Awan Brothers, who worked directly for Debbie Washerman Schultz and other members of Congress as IT contractors for $160K a year. And as I understand the developing narrative, these connections presented a reasonable possibility of Alpha J and the MS13 corpses being the Seth Rich killers to me. And NOW something NEW has cropped up see the image below that I saw and saved off Jason’s FB page about the Seth Rich Murder.

Do George and Jason talk shit? Yes they do. Have they gotten a huge rasher of Internet shit since their visibility has been raised in the past couple of months? YES. How do Defango, the Rabbit, Trish the Dish and the other cast of colorful characters all fit into their investigation/adventure? WHO the hell really KNOWS for sure at this point? What I DO KNOW is that all of these people and events are conspicuously absent from the Network News aren’t they? 

I want to see how it plays out, because IF even 30% of what they are sharing with the public, unfiltered and live streamed is valid, HELL if JUST the Awan Brothers ISI connections and the Blackberry plays are real, they are heroes in my book. AND I believe they deserve some credit for forging this new Crowdsourced investigation model.

Let’s look at WHAT is at STAKE. On one hand it is about their credibility and some possible slander actions against them if they ARE 100% FULL of shit. AND if they ARE are only 50 to 70% full of shit MAYBE the fate of our democracy could hang in the balance. As well as their lives. Doubters and Detractors, How you gonna feel if they ARE assassinated? Pretty shitty right? As for me and my Justice News Network, I will continue to follow their adventures, assess their intel and report on my site and social media what I believe to be pertinent to those that care about the future of America and our struggle against the Oligarchs, foreign and domestic. Fair Enough? Thanks for the opportunity to air my perspective and paying attention to the sad, dangerous and treasonous affairs our nation finds itself entangled in. Larry Alger Publisher Justice News Network.

HERE is a One Hour and 24 minute video interview of George Webb where he lays his investigation results all out.

Latest Update on the Seth Rich murder.  This came off Jason Goodman’s FB page submitted by one of the @csthetruth crew.  Working together we WILL get to the TRUTH!  Interesting right?


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