Yesterday was a low point in my political life (as it was for so many others as well) as Bernie apparently stood up and threw in the towel.  For me it was a kick in the gut and a 2×4 to the back of my head both at the same time.   I felt like Grandma here:

But as of today reporting indicates that there  is much more going on behind the curtain than we all saw on the TV. First thing First.  Just got this tweet resulting from Nina Turners TV interview about DNC corruption.  No pretense here, tell the truth and you are OUT of the DNC, apparently.





AND there is this info we are still working on the possibility posted in it:


So if the above holds true and is not a wild speculation I indeed be proud to offer Bernie Sanders my most heart-felt “Sorry Bernie I got carried away in the moment”  recant of shame on you.

IF you, Dear Reader, have further information on this possibility please share it with me and the members of the Political Revolution her at JNN, OK?  Thanks

Larry Alger, Publisher