Former Insurance Agent Guilty of Identity Theft and Deceiving Customers


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Seneca Birchmore, 45, of Cincinnati, pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft for defrauding multiple victims in the Cincinnati and Dayton area. In addition to identity theft, Birchmore acquired two illegal COVID Paycheck Protection Program loans. Birchmore pretended to be an insurance agent to execute his fraudulent schemes despite not being an authorized insurance agent.

Back in 2019, Birchmore was ordered to surrender his license as an insurance agent because he devised unsolicited insurance policies that allowed him to earn commissions. Not giving up on his sinister schemes, Birchmore took the identities of two other insurance agents. He robbed their identities to write life insurance policies for customers who were not aware nor permitted Birchmore to use their names.

Without hesitation for his crime, Birchmore proceeded to obtain the commissions from the victims and deposited the funds to his bank accounts. However, his fraudulent crimes came to an end when the authorities arrested him. The police caught up to him after the victims reported transactions withdrawing money from their bank accounts for insurance policies they did not avail of. Most of his victims were senior citizens living in Dayton, Englewood, Middletown, and Cincinnati. The police traced the transactions to Birchmore and he was arrested in June 2022. Birchmore’s initial fraudulent insurance policies authorized in his own name summed up to $8,000. The commissions he gained illegally from stealing the identities of other agents amounted to more than $93,000.

During the arraignment, Birchmore agreed to pay these companies in restitution: Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company for $34,820.37; Columbian Life Insurance Company for $16,604.01; Transamerica Life Insurance Company for $4,671; Mutual of Omaha for $2,104.65; Great Western Insurance for f$16,303.17; Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company for $8,826.84; American General Life Insurance Company for $158.82; Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company for $17,906.07; and the U.S. Small Business Administration: $41,665.

In addition to identity theft, he falsely claimed he had a business registered under his name but there was no business establishment. He lied about having a gross income valued at more than $13 million and falsely invented this story to acquire two COVID Paycheck Protection Program loans amounting to more than $40,000. Birchmore could face two years in federal prison but as of the moment, his sentencing date is yet to be scheduled.

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