Jersey City Attorney Betrayed Family and Accused of Wire Fraud Plus Aggravated Identity Theft


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JERSEY CITY, NJ – Money and fraudulent activities disrupted family ties when it became a recipe for wire fraud and identity theft. James R. Lisa, 67, is a Jersey City Attorney who was tapped by a family to repatriate millions of dollars. The arrangement did not go well since Lisa was accused of defrauding his clients with more than $2 million.

Initially, Lisa was approached by a family member to assist in repatriating millions of dollars stored by other family members in offshore bank accounts from previous decades. On top of that, he was appointed to resolve the tax issues surrounding the repatriation of the funds.

In 2015, the funds worth more than 6 million dollars were successfully repatriated but Lisa allegedly misled them by telling them that the funds would remain offshore. In 2017, he rendered $4 million of the repatriated funds to the family but he falsely maintained that the rest of the funds, worth $2 million, were out of his power.

Concerning the tax issues, Lisa lied to the family about resolving the tax implications concerning the repatriation of the funds. The court documents claimed that Lisa disseminated a fraudulent IRS (Internal Revenue Service) “closing agreement.” It depicted an agreement with the IRS that the family must settle $3 million for taxes and penalties corresponding to the repatriated funds.

Then, a second fraudulent closing agreement was distributed which depicted that the family is obligated to pay $2 million in taxes and penalties and it was reasoned that this is due to repatriated funds that amounted to $4 million. James R. Lisa was suspected of orchestrating an illegal scheme involving wire fraud. He was further suspected of committing identity theft for forging the signatures of IRS employees who never authorized the agreements.

Because of heightened suspicions about his activities, Lisa’s clients charged him with three counts of wire fraud and four counts of aggravated identity theft. Through a video conference, Lisa pleaded not guilty to the charges and he was released on a $100,000 unsecured bond. If he would be sentenced to federal prison, every count of wire fraud results in a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine that does not exceed $250,000.

On one hand, every count of aggravated identity theft has a statutory mandatory penalty of two years in prison, which applies consecutively to any other term of imprisonment, and a fine that does not exceed $250,000. The charges and allegations filed against him remain accusations and Lisa is presumed innocent until proven guilty as the investigation on the case is ongoing.

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According to the criminal indictment James R. Lisa was charged in, a Wire Fraud crime under 18 USC 1343 makes it a federal crime to defraud by means of false or fraudulent pretenses utilizing wire, radio, or television.

A calculation of the US Sentencing Guidelines indicates if James R. Lisa had no criminal history and a dollar loss of $2 Million it could expose him to a sentence of approximately 37 years in federal prison.

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