If Your Vote Does Not Matter WHY Did They White It Out?


I was talking with my gal, Debby, about all the shady crap I have found out since I shot the video in San Diego on July 2nd and have done the follow up reporting.  The narrative that your vote doesn’t matter came up.  She said THAT  is EXACTLY what the power brokers and Oligarchs what YOU to believe and if it didn’t matter WHY did they white it out in that video you shot in San Diego, honey.

I thought about it and she was right.  I never looked at it like that before.  Why did they white those votes out?  Why did they close 70% of polling places in some areas (the ones that they KNEW would go for Sanders) in Arizona, and what the hell happened to those 127,000  voters who were purged off the rolls in Brooklyn?   THAT is the first step on the road to the TREASON


that we citizens of the United States are experiencing RIGHT NOW!  IF your vote did not matter why did THEY go to the trouble of whiting it out folks? Why?

What you will see in the video above are ballots in San Diego County from the California primary election where the selection for President has been whited out before they are run through the tabulation scanners. The county explains this as an adjustment to the vote totals as directed by the different parties. Most people are unaware this process is taking place and the ballot count watchers are up in arms because some maintain this is breaking state election laws. In addition, many reports of voters expecting to vote democratic came to the polls and discovered that the county records showed them as registered as some other party. This has also been reported by some republicans as well. In addition student ballots mailed from UCSD are being invalidated and never scanned if the ballot envelope address did not contain the room number on campus. Reporting shows this was not contained in the instructions.


Here is another example of how hard THEY work to MAKE your vote NOT count from MY home town! Click the link into a new tab or window to see Cell phone reality on election day in LA!


The time is NOW and the cause is Justice.  This TREASON can not stand!

Larry Alger Publisher JNN   Follow us at @gojnnnews