Impeaching Donald Trump Gives You Mike Pence

Donald Trump is not a worthy candidate for the office of President of the United States. President Obama has said as much. He said, generally, “Donald Trump is unfit to serve as the President of the United States.” He followed this up by saying, “The notion that he would attack a Gold Star family that made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he doesn’t appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job.”

Let’s take the second part first. This wasn’t Obama speaking at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia or out on the campaign trail in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. This was at the White House, and not just that, it was during a press event standing alongside a foreign leader. This was Obama as statesman and diplomat, the face of the United States to the world. That Obama would be willing to say what he said on such a stage is telling, and decidedly unusual.

Now on to the first comments. He is, “Unfit to serve.” He is “Woefully unprepared,” to be President.  “There has to come a point at which you say enough is enough.” Those are very strong words, and President Obama made sure everyone knew why he was using them, not because Trump is a Republican and he is a Democrat, but because he had genuine worries about Trump sitting in the Oval Office. That makes his critique of Trump different in kind from simple partisan sniping. “I think I was right and Mitt Romney and John McCain were wrong on certain policy issues, but I never thought that they couldn’t do the job,”

Obama explained, “But that’s not the situation here, and that’s not just my opinion. That is the opinion of many prominent Republicans. There has to come a point at which you say enough, and the alternative is that the entire party, the Republican Party, effectively endorses and validates the positions that are being articulated by Mr. Trump. As I have said in previous speeches, I don’t think that actually represents the views of a whole lot of Republicans out there.”

So, if the outgoing President, Barack Hussein Obama, has no respect for the incoming President, Donald J. Trump, what would he think of the incoming Vice-President, compared to how he feels about the outgoing Vice-President, with whom, it is well known, he holds a deep friendship? Mike Pence is an American politician who is the Vice President-elect of the United States, previously serving as the 50th Governor of Indiana from 2013 to 2017. He is scheduled to take office as the 48th Vice President on January 20, 2017. While serving as Governor of Indiana, he attacked women’s right to choose an abortion clinic, he also signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was meant intentionally to attack the LGBTQ community.

Pence also initiated dramatic tax cuts that were meant to help the richest in Indiana increase their wealth, while at the same time, they did severe damage to the middle class of the state, as well as, small business owners. Before taking office as Governor of Indiana, Pence was also a conservative radio talk show host, along the lines of Rush Limbaugh. On this show, he trashed Planned Parenthood, defended big business, and indicated that the LGBTQ community belonged in only one place, Hell.

It is very likely that President Obama would be on board with the rest of the country in saying that Mike Pence is pretty much a bigger douche bag than Trump has turned out to be. So, if there is no re-election, recount, or any other such insane happening, when Trump takes office, would it really be a good idea to press for his immediate impeachment? If there is anything else that Trump has proven himself to be, so far, it is that he is a flip-flop. He will back down on issues quicker than anyone else that ran in the past election, if it means getting his way. He has backed down on the Wall, the deportation of immigrants, stifling LGBTQ rights, repealing the ACA, and much more.

It is Mike Pence that people should really be worried about. He is not someone that will back down. On the three topics mentioned about him here, he still has yet to do so. He has not and will not back down on abortion, he has not and will not back down on corporate tax cuts, and he has not and will back down on his attacks on the LGBTQ community. So, given the reality of the preset circumstances, that being President Donald J. Trump, who would the country be better off with, the devil they know or the devil they don’t? Regardless of whether or not both options are putrid, who do you choose from, the one that makes you vomit at the sight of him, or the one that that makes you want to kill yourself? With the former, at least you are still alive……

Consider this one thing. Could it be that Christian Conservatives in the Republican Party are hoping that this very thing will happen? Imagine Mike Pence as President and Paul Ryan as Vice President…..

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