Indie Joe Caucci believes his vision for being President is the correct one, and it SOUNDS pretty good to US


This is all we have so far from a google doc BUT we LIKE it…

Presidential Platform of Joseph A. Caucci

  1. End the Wars
  2. End the disastrous so-called War on Drugs
  3. Publicly funded political campaigns
  4. Adopt “Gold Standard” electoral integrity
  5. Ditch Plurality Voting; Adopt Approval Voting or Score Voting
  6. Heavily tax climate change causing activities
  7. Restore women’s reproductive rights
  8. Upgrade national infrastructure, with special focus on communities with high lead levels
  9. Legalize marijuana
  10. Job Guarantee
  11. Medicare for All
  12. Protect and increase Social Security
  13. Protect the internet
  14. Federal government assumes all student debt
  15. Green Energy
  16. End gerrymandering with computer drawn districts
  17. End the undemocratic filibuster
  18. Less money on the military, more on programs of social uplift
  19. Pay off the national debt in its entirety
  20. Simplified and smart tax system
  21. Jail crooked Wall Street executives and pardon brave whistleblowers
  22. Jail the war criminals and pardon non-violent drug offenders
  23. Free college
  24. Post Office Bank
  25. Enforce the Bill of Rights
  26. Clean Air, Water, Soil, and Food
  27. Be kinder to animals
  28. Decrease population growth to -0.1% using tax system incentives
  29. Tax the wealth of the oligarchs

National referendum on adopting a new U.S. Constitution

Stay tuned folks as we follow up with Joe



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