If you, or a friend, or member of your family have a story of Covid19 Vaccine Injury or death that needs to be heard, Justice News Network wants to help. All you folks need to be heard.  America needs to come together to stand with those injured in this unprecedented medical experiment. Take a moment to review and honor these injured and deceased.  How many more are there across America?  Only time can tell what the final count will be. And time will tell who will be held accountable for all the death, disability, loss and sorrow of the Covid-19 vaccine trials. We want to hear your story and help us all to build a network to obtain some JUSTICE for all of those who participated in good faith by taking the experiments vaccines and are suffering for it.  Be sure to sign up as a registered JNN user.   Then leave a brief comment of your story on this report below.

First of all, when you were vaccinated did you receive the Informed Consent information talked about in the video below?

 If you did not get this explicit information, shortcuts were taken with you and that may have future ramifications as the Covid-19 saga plays out. 

Here is information about the US Federal Countermeasures Injury Compensation Plan mentioned in the title of this report.

Yes it is limited and seems complicated but if you incurred medical costs in fighting your injury and were forced to take time off work you may be eligible for some benefits under this program.

You have ONE YEAR from the date you were administered or used the covered countermeasure alleged to have caused the injury to request benefits


If you have been injured by any of the COVID-19 vaccines, we strongly suggest that contact a consumer advocate that is skilled, knowledgeable and experienced with the CICP.