Ireland jailed 3 Bankers, Iceland set the Example, Rothschild investigations underway


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Justice shall be served! Repeatedly please. Best possible trend right now. A lot of research went into this as per usual with me.

Ireland jailed three senior Irish bankers on Friday, July 29 2016, for up to three-and-a-half years for conspiring to defraud investors in the most prominent prosecution arising from the 2008 banking crisis that crippled the country’s economy. Their scheme was that they would deposit money in one another’s banks but label those deposits as having been made by customers. Because customer deposits are viewed as more secure than those made by other banks, this was a way to defraud investors and creditors.




In doing so, they essentially inflated Anglo Irish Bank’s deposit levels by about $8 billion.



England and the U.S. before Brexit. Banks in the United States and Britain have paid billions of dollars in fines and settlements connected to wrongdoing over their handling of subprime loans that helped cause the crisis in 2008. But no senior industry executives in those countries have been sent to jail.

After Brexit? Do you remember word of Rothschild being investigated? They even warned England not to exit the EU by issuing EU’s Article 50; well now Rothschild is on the run, London gold vault and all! Real change is coming out of that.


Hungary threw the Rothschild bankers out of their country.
“Hungary borrowed €20 billion loan to avoid becoming insolvent during the economic crisis in 2008. But the debtee  – debtor relationship has not been smooth sailing… Paying the loan back early has meant Hungary have saved €11.7 million worth of interest expenses, but Gordan Bajnai, leader of the electoral alliance E14-PM, claimed that they had actually lost €44.86 million by March 2014 because of the early repayment as all they did was replace the loan from the International Mafia Federation (another nickname, we’re still talking about the IMF here) with a more expensive one, labeling the stunt as Propaganda.”


Iceland has jailed their Bankers instead of bailing them out like the rest of the world did. Hillary’s friends at Goldman Sachs for example, were fined with $5.1 billion for causing the crisis back in 2008. Icelandic bank Glitnir and two other bankers were imprisonment for market manipulation. The title video shows how they did it.


Italy is having massive problems. Worries about the dire situation there coming up with numbers like 17% of all loans in that country are bad. Recent market volatility after Brexit has hit many EU countries but Italy got hit the worst. It sums up around 300 Billion British pounds of bad credit. No one has been jailed yet here, but I can see it as a plausible outcome.


Italy eyes €40bn bank rescue as first Brexit domino falls.

It is now almost impossible for Italian banks to raise capital. They are caught in a pincer as the ECB simultaneously demands compliance with tougher capital adequacy buffers, in some case demanding fresh infusions of capital three or four times.  Mr Codogno said the ECB is unwittingly destabilizing the banks in an overzealous attempt to make Europe’s banks safer.


The Rothschilds

When you look at this video, take a good hard look at the 4 countries not ruled by the Rothschilds. I believe it is now 6 including Iceland and Hungary now and I see a trend in this. Is the U.S. the attack dog for them? The number supplied in this video seems incorrect to other studies that put the Rothschilds net worth to upwards of 500 Trillion.

Afghanistan attacked by the U.S. Iraq attacked by the U.S. Libya attacked by the U.S. and Sudan has had a 5 year civil war still going on while Saudi Arabia helps bombing both sides. This is what I do, I find the connections. I hope we are soon headed towards a final block of Fractional Reserve Banking. It enslaves us into tax paying machines to pay for their debts.



Increase of “Bank Glitches” and the idea of impeding Martial Law

Why am I telling you this? Because we are seeing enough information lately about the installment of Martial Law lately and tons of strange bank glitches all over the world as if they are testing some. What does that mean?

They’re finally getting the message!  We, who pay the debts for those who made bad choices, are getting fed up with the way they handle things, so now they are running scared.  Isn’t it about time, and shouldn’t we keep the heat on longer and even higher? This, for me, is part of that Revolution. Put these Bankers down and put the buying power back into the middle class where it belongs!

The links provided in the description of this video below are a MUST see.