Just when it seemed like the 2016 election cycle could not get any more chaotic than it already was, it did just that. First, this election cycle witnessed the Democratic Party suppress the rise of a dynamic Progressive Populist, using some extremely decrepit methods to stop him, like throwing away ballots, keeping people out of the polls by closing early or intentionally not having enough booths or ballots, changing the voting locations without properly informing the public, stuffing ballot boxes, and ‘fixing’ electronic voting machines. For the Republicans it was slightly different. Their party witnessed the rise of a racist, misogynist, anti-intellectualist, anti-Muslim, bigoted, narcissistic loud mouth populist, to the tune of, in the paraphrased words of his own party leadership “Oh, such a freak could not possibly get the nomination.” Well, he did.

Second, this cycle witnessed a general election that was plagued by blame, false accusations, and an unfounded sense of confidence. The Democratic Party’s leadership crammed one of the most unpopular candidates in the Party’s history down its member’s throats, expecting them to just accept their decision. Further, when the progressive wing of their party said, “NO!” they pridefully, and ignorantly one might add, ignored them. Their punishment was the loss of, to some estimates, at least half of their traditional voter base. Yet the Democratic Party continued to rely on the deluded idea that these people would eventually come around. Well, they did not. What they did do was write in Bernie Sanders, vote for Dr. Jill Stein, or just refrain from voting altogether. On the other side, the Republican candidate maintained his evil ways, while the other side proclaimed that there were not enough people in the country to elect such a poorly qualified candidate.

Third, this election witnessed what was, to many, one of the most dramatically surprising electoral upsets in American history. The media was flooded with predictions of a Democratic Party victory, with most major outlets calling the election a landslide before the first vote was even cast. However, by early the next morning, the country was stunned when the Republican candidate, a person who some rightfully accused of clandestinely accepting praise and campaign funds from right wing extremist groups like the KKK and various Neo-Nazi organizations, won the election. What is the big surprise, though? The Democrats shut down their populist wing, while the Republicans drummed up their theirs in droves. The offset would obviously give the Republican’s candidate a numerical advantage. The Democratic Party thought they could also rely on the White Working Middle Class, who though they are generally conservative, were not predicted to be willing to vote for the Republican candidate. Well, according to present numbers, that is precisely what they did.

Since the election, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton have blamed Bernie Sanders for their loss, they have blame third party voters for their loss, and they have blamed all the people that stayed home for their loss; while the Republicans leadership have all lined up to kiss Donald Trump’s buttocks. What has been ignored by both parties is the fact that as regards overall voter turnout, this election can be rated as one of the worst elections for voter turnout in US history. Of all registered voters, only one-quarter of them voted for Hillary Clinton. The estimates for Donald Trump are the same. What this means is that roughly one-half of all registered voters either did not vote or voted for someone else. This says nothing for the number of voting age people who were kept away from the polls because of new, intentionally discriminatory, voter identification laws or just a lack of motivation. Imagine what this election would have been like if all of these extra people, most of whom were minorities from Republican states, known to usually vote for Democrats, had been allowed to vote. Even more, what would this election have been like if all already registered voters had actually turned out.


In most elections, the general election itself is, at least temporarily, the end of the majority of this nation’s theatrical political troubles. The tradition has always been to accept the outcome of the elections and then rally behind the winner to help construct an America that can help all of its people succeed. At least, that has been the traditional myth. The reason that has not happened this time is because of the kind of people that Donald Trump is naming for positions on his White House staff and for positions in his Executive cabinet. His education secretary has vowed to practically destroy the public education system. One of his most senior White House advisors is a former member of the KKK, and his Secretary of State candidate is a major corporate executive with absolutely no governing experience whatsoever. Two of his other cabinet candidates are former military Generals, who are well known to support policies what would openly benefit the interests of the Military Industrial Complex, likely setting the United States up for another major war in the Middle East, very possibly involving Iran.

Naturally, the Democrats, and a great many other people, are scared about what such recommendations are going turn this country into over the next four years. They feel like everything good that has happened in the last sixty years will be undone in an instant, and because of the Republican Party’s rhetoric, they have good reason to be scared. However, there is another threatening specter now looming over everyone’s head that could prove to be much more terrifying. This is the recent revelation that Russia, under Vladimir Putin’s direction, may have had something to do with Donald Trump’s electoral victory. The first reports came out in October. They reported that the Russians intentionally hacked the DNC’s database and released incriminating documents that they knew would help damage Hillary Clinton’s chances at winning the election. The idea is that they did so to help ensure a Donald Trump victory. Further revelations have since indicated that not only did the Russians hack the DNC’s server to effect the election, but both Donald Trump and senior Republican leadership either knew of the issue before hand and pled ignorance, or were directly involved in the affair.

If any of this is true, this would constitute an act of Gross Treason on the part of any Americans involved in the affair. There are those, however, who have declared these accusations to be as fallacious as is humanly possible. Of course, Donald Trump and the Republican Party are denying all knowledge of any such affair. However, there are also accusations form the left that the affair is false. Trump and other Republicans simply claim the accusations to be false; however, the people on the left accuse the Clinton campaign of using their connections inside the Intelligence Community to drum yet another dramatic story in their efforts to make one last grab at the White House. Julian Assange is among these detractors but there are other, more local, people who are accusing Clinton of making, as mentioned, a final last ditch effort to secure the White House. So far, it seems that the accusations are being taken as seriously as they can be by President Obama and the rest of the present government.  It is also being taken seriously by the Electoral College. A formal letter has been released by the Electoral College upon which is affixed the signatures of forty electors who are demanding a full intelligence briefing regarding the possibility that the 2016 election was corrupted by the Russians in an asserted to effort to ensure that Donald Trump won the election.

Now, when one gets down to it, there are actually four possible origins for this story. First, and the story most likely to save everyone’s hides, is the possibility that the Russians did hack the DNC but did so all on their own without collusion from any American factions. The second possibility is that they did their dirty work with the full knowledge of the Trump campaign and Republican leadership. The third possibility is that this is a false story contrived by the Clinton campaign and her supporters in the Intelligence Community to discredit Trump to the point that the electors will either switch their votes to her or President Obama or Congress will call for a re-vote. The fourth possibility is that the Intelligence Community made the whole ordeal up because they fear what Trump will do to upset the international political balance in which they are heavily invested. None of these possibilities should be considered acceptable; however, some of them should be considered worse than the others.

If this was an effort by organizations like the CIA, the NSA, and other organizations within the Department of Homeland Security, very few people will be surprised. These organizations have been up to this kind of behavior since their foundation. People are accustomed to them meddling in other people’s affairs and then somehow avoiding prosecution even though their actions are, in fact, disgustingly criminal. If this was an affair for which the only party to blame is the Russian Intelligence Service, then the United States may need to consider preparing for a much larger conflict, as such an action as this constitutes an Act of War. In the present political climate, given the US Intelligence Community’s past record and the United States’ rocky political history with Russia, these two options are actually not that unfeasible, and frankly, were either to be the case, the American people would be less angry and more mentally capable of taking resolute action against the culprits. However, it would be different with the other two possibilities.

Here is the thing. If Donald Trump were so supremely stupid to the point that he would actually be willing to collude with a foreign government to win an election, the American people might just lose their caps. If it were proven, without a doubt, that he had actually committed an act of Gross Treason against the United States and its people, his own bigoted base could very well be moved to turn against him and cause some serious domestic trouble were he to still take office, despite his complete lack of respect for the American political system and rampant criminality. Also, it can be assumed that they would be joined by people on the left in calling for his swift removal from office. As for Hillary Clinton, if she were actually that incredibly desperate enough to collude with members of the Intelligence Community to fabricate the circumstances in question to just try, in one last ditch effort, to secure the White House, she would find people on both the left and right ready to call for head if she managed to succeed. Either way, there would most definitely be trouble.

So, is Donald Trump that actually that supremely stupid? Well, when one considers that he has openly admitted that he feels himself too smart to attend his daily intelligence briefings, one might think so. One might also be motivated to think so because despite his tireless attacks on Hillary Clinton about the abuse of her email server, where she handled government information over a private server, as opposed to taking the time to handle the business correctly, he has been in constant communication with foreign leaders on his private cell phone, a direct violation of federal protocols. Now, considering the fact that he is appointing people to his White House staff and to various Executive departments who have absolutely no experience with governance, whatsoever, he may actually be that stupid. He is the kind of leader, one can imagine, that needs to trust in the people that he delegates authority to.

Well, if he thinks that these people are going to be able serve his purpose with any worthiness or without causing him any trouble, he has truly lost him mind. Like it has been said, his Secretary of Education would practically dismantle public education and make private education too expensive for the poor to attend. His Secretary of the Interior would unload public lands, at a discount, just for profit’s sake, and his Secretary of State would conduct international affairs like a corporation, paying absolutely no regard to the needs of other nations if their interests don’t match the United States’. This nation would be at war with who knows how many countries within less than six months, and who would be to blame? One cannot imagine that Donald Trump would be the kind of man to own up to his own mistakes in such a drastic situation.

So, what if Hillary Clinton is really so incredibly desperate that she would be willing to work with the US Intelligence Community to fabricate a story so large that it could run the risk of putting the United States right into the middle of military conflict for which it is not likely prepared? If she truly is that desperate, she is defiantly not someone that needs to be sitting in the White House. What she does need to do is get some serious mental help, if she thinks that this kind of behavior is what the American people find appropriate in their leaders. She should really consider getting some psychiatric assistance because she is bound to be experiencing some very serious delusional episodes. If she has done such a thing, she is guilty of perjury, she is guilty of election tampering, but most of all, she too is guilty of Treason against the United States of America and its people for placing this country in a unnecessary threatening position with a foreign power, likely meant only to work to her political advantage or personal profit.

She is already not liked because of her behavior in the past, for example, her legal defense of a pedophile out of which she garnered some sort of sick entertainment value, her involvement with her husband’s crime bill in the nineties which put thousands of non-violent offenders behind bars for lengthy periods of time; ruing their lives, her complete mishandling of the Benghazi affair while serving as President Obama’s first Secretary of State, and her collusion with the DNC to crown herself the Democratic Party’s nominee long before any primary elections were ever held, intentionally silencing the voices of the progressive wing of her party, who  made it clear that they were not interested in having anything else further to do with her. Now, is she really going to pull this crap, ask for a revote, and then expect to win? She must truly be that deluded.

So, despite how things actually went down. Here is the picture that this election has painted for the world. American democracy is just as broken, corrupt, and incapable of answering to the American people as are the systems in any other corrupted nation on Earth. Thus, the democratic system in the United States is nothing special. The candidates that manage to get elected are nothing special, and the American people have been hoodwinked in front of the entire world into thinking that it is actually worth anything to anyone. The world also knows now, more than ever, that the United States pays absolutely no attention to anyone with half a brain. All of its media is geared towards the lowest common denominator, so much so, that a man with absolutely no governing experience, whatsoever, who spends more time insulting people than helping them, can get elected to the office of President of the United States.

Further, it shows that the people in this country are more interested in the color of a famous person’s dung than they are in actually solving the worlds difficult problems. However, more than anything else, especially with the possible disruption of the American electoral system by a foreign power, it shows that the United States is no longer, if it ever was, the nation to look to for global leadership. Its people are now painted as ignorant bigots, its leadership cannot be taken seriously, and it cannot secure its own affairs. How is it going to lead and protect the entire world as it moves beyond the information age, if it cannot first protect itself or even manage to lead its own people out of a paper bag? Here is the truth. It is not going to be able to do those things. In fact, it is likely that in the future, it will have to rely on another nation for help.

Having said that, there is a small possibility that the United States could very well have a chance to redeem itself. Amidst all of the blatant corruption that has been made visible to the whole world since the early sixties, there is still a chance that the United States can halt the flow of the downward spiral that is American politics, which has reached its near bursting point. If there is even a little bit of truth to any of the accusations of corruption in the 2016 election; to which there is no doubt, if there is even one hint of foreign intervention in this election; which is not an impossibility, and if there is even just a little chance that this is all the effort of a single candidate to steal the election; which is also not impossible, the present leadership can do something that has never been done before, something that could possibly restore the American people’s, as well as the World’s, faith in the American electoral system and the country itself. The first thing that would need to happen, though, is that any person involved in the corruption of the election would need to be brought up on formal charges, tried, convicted, and sent to prison for election fraud and treason for as lengthy a period of time as is possible.


Next, though it would require the use of some either executive or legislative force, President Obama, or the Congress, could ask to the Federal Election Commission to decertify the 2016 election; and then, in a sign of trust to the whole world, call upon the United Nations to supervise a new general election in which all of the major candidates, from the whole of the previous election, not involved in the corruption of the election, would be qualified to run for President one more time. The election would be determined by popular vote, which means the Electoral College would be suspended, and all votes would be cast on paper ballots to avoid any possible accusations of electronic fraud. The winner would be determined by who got the most votes. Though such an occurrence would be entirely outside the norm, it would show that the United States still stands for democracy and the power of the people to rule themselves. It would also show that the United States is now prepared to be a trusting and cooperative partner in world affairs. Perhaps, it could happen, but who knows. All that is known right now is that the present system has become illegitimate, and is in need of serious repair before something much more drastic that could ever be imagine and can never be taken back, happens. One can only sit back and hope for the best.

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