On Saturday, Russia on one side and the US and its allies on the other clashed at the Security Council over Syria. As expected, the two sides weren’t able reach a compromise. Unfortunately, analysts say, Syria is no longer just a local conflict, and not even just a clash between Russia and the US – but a struggle of entire geopolitical coalitions.

I am NOT Fear Mongering. I am sharing the FACTS here people.  THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR WORLD and Not One US Media outlet on your TV is reporting it!  HOW THE HELL CAN THAT BE? 

 Ever dealt with a hardcore Russian face to face in business or personal issues?  I have.  They do not take threats lightly and the USA is NOW threatening them and I KNOW it will not stand.  In fact it is my experience that IF a Russian was forced to commit suicide with a pistol he would make sure that when the bullet passed through his head it would take out one of his enemies with him.  AND NOW the USA is threatening the Russians who are defending, at the request of the Syrian government,  the sovereign right of the Syrian people to maintain their elected government (ASSAD).   WE ARE THE BAD GUYS IN THIS ONE FOLKS>>>>  Our government is placing the whole of the world, with US at ground ZERO, at risk of Nuclear Exchange>>>>

I said FACTS, Remember? Here it is folks watch all these. These people RECENTLY WENT to Syria to find the TRUTH!

I said FACTS, remember?  I just asked a Syrian contact who lives here in the States and is in touch with his family in that country, IF the above videos claims of NO CIVIL WAR in Syria are valid.  Not only did he CONFIRM that he said that the majority of the Syrian People would die for Assad.  AND that the terrorists are Israeli mercenaries funded and supported by US tax payers!

From Steven Paul Duplisea The JNN Syrian Connection
Looks like the is SPOT ON!


Listen Up People… It is a GOD DAMN SIN that my country, the United States Of America, the country I took the oath to defend against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic has BECOME the ULTIMATE International Bully and Rogue State that defies International Law and tramples the national sovereignty of ANY PLACE ON THE GLOBE our (Elected??) leaders feel for what-ever-the-fuck-reason they deem is suitable. And if you know any US history you understand our country has had a lot of practice at this kind of thing, right? THINK KISSINGER!


Mostly it is about OIL, which this planet needs to leave in the ground for a number of reasons. BUT, and Listen up and Listen tight people, when our leaders disregard the risk of a NUCLEAR EXCHANGE, NAY THEY RUSH TOWARD the possibility, THOSE LEADERS GOTTA GO because THEY present a clear and present DANGER to not just OUR CITIZENS, but every single citizen in this world.

THIS is what is happening RIGHT NOW so pay attention people…. EXCERPT… Moscow, meanwhile, has no room to back down, according to the analyst, not only because it has international law on its side (something even Secretary of State Kerry has admitted), but also because the war in Syria is a precedent-setting event. “As soon as we allow chaos to be organized in one country, so will it spread to others. We made mistakes with regard to Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. International law came to be associated with the order established by Washington. It’s for this reason that attempts to return things to the legitimate order of things by Russia or China have been seen as an ‘anomaly’ or, worse, a ‘threat to stability'” by the US.

Ultimately, Kurtakov suggested, “if we recognize that in the world there is only one ‘policeman’ – we can forget about our sovereignty…We can calm geopolitical tensions, kneel down and wait to be forgiven.” However, the analyst noted that in his own time, Mikhail Gorbachev already tried this approach, and it didn’t work. “As Churchill said, those who choose humiliation over war will get both humiliation and war.” Read More At:
THIS is the US Army Chief Of Staff and his hard-line position as of last week!

AND HERE is what a Russian General said to US and the world. It seems pretty straight forward to me! If anyone who speaks Russian sees this, please let us know if the caption quotes are correct or NOT. Thanks

The ONE THING I KNOW about the Russians, they BELIEVE they are ready to take us on.  Last Week 40 MILLION Russians participated in a Nuclear Attack exercise.  Let that sink in.  The Russian government got 40 million of their citizens into shelters to be ready for a Nuclear Exchange with US, for fucks-sake! Are WE ready to go there?  Hell No it will be a BBQ of you, Me, Uncle John and Aunt Bev, as well as all the kids and grand kids because The Obama-Clinton factions have their heads so far up their assholes the BELIEVE they can play Nuclear Indian Poker with Russia and WIN!  Is that the most screwy thing you ever heard or what?

I am not some screwy tinfoil hat dude from Right Field.  I am a Berniecrat Vet who went in under Nixon.  I gratefully receive my health-care at the VA.   I see up close and personal the results of the WARS that WASHINGTON has pushed our country into for the last 50 years!  Over the decades I have had chow and shot the shit with Vets from as far back as WWII and as new to the system as TODAY.  I am a witness to the courage and sacrifices America’s Warriors have made defending YOUR Freedom, which as become largely a myth. BECAUSE when our VOTES are meaningless, we HAVE NO GOD DAMNED FREEDOM, NONE!  Do I need to repeat that for you?

Fraud and fixing elections is NOT Winning…
Stealing a decision is NEVER Legit…
Lying and Cheating deserves:
Punishment NOT Reward!!
The Lesser EVIL is still EVIL ya know?

Update 10-20-16 This Election has been STOLEN It is TREASON See the evidence here! Our Government is messing it UP!



So politically WHAT are we going to DO about this mess?  Elect MORE of the SAME OLD SAME OLD?  Do we even have a shot at a legitimate election? OR MUST IT COME DOWN TO THIS FOR US AMERICANS?



armedrevolt2b armedrevolt2a

I hope and pray that the fools who are paying off Obama and Clinton and the rest of our stupid government and military playing with Nuclear fire wake the hell up BEFORE they get New York, DC and You and Me Nuked!
Debbie is feeling the same way!

Meanwhile if you VOTE (or even don’t Vote at all) for any other presidential candidate but Jill Stein it is ON YOU when the Emergency Sirens go off people. Let THAT ONE sink in, OK???

Bernie Backer? Reasonable Human Being? There is only one way to go now Jill Stein! Watch this message!


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