4-25-21  WHAT IF??


That’s is right This video by Louis Gossett Jr telling his story about how Ivermectin saved his life from Covid, and other true Ivermectin stories resulted in all three JNN Twitter accounts being restricted this week.

Take a look at these screen shots that tell the tale.

WHY did this happen?
Well Click the link to listen to this 1 minute video and maybe you’ll understand after seeing this!


The success of Ivermectin treating Coivid makes the Emergency Use Authorizations of all the NEW Experimental Vaccines ILLEGAL.              Let THAT sink in

Here are a few more videos on how Ivermectin is a REAL EFFECTIVE treatment for Covid.  MOST if any people, do NOT have to die from Covid.  Shocking Concept right?


Dr Peter McCullough on Covid treatment to Texas Senate March 10 2021

Dr Ryan Cole testifies in Idaho on Covid treatment and vaccines March 24 2021 watch the first 28 minutes

To learn more on Ivermectin fighting Covid please visit


Do NOT let this be our Future!