As Always there are several angles on any story. JNN Contacted the Comfort Inn at Bismark, ND and asked them to explain the reports of veterans being kicked out of their establishment.  We spoke with Patty who gave us this explanation.

She said that the people who left had booked the room for a few days and when the term expired. Evidently their plans in Bismark changed and they asked if they could retain the room,  Patty said they the motel was sorry but they would need to leave to accommodate the incoming guests who had booked the room while it was occupied by the existing guests.

Patty also explained that the Comfort Inn attempted to help find them other rooms in local motels.  Patty also said that they held the room open for them an extra hour and half while assisting them in a new room search while waiting for the new guest to arrive. Additional information she gave JNN included that BOTH the owners are veterans and the General Manager is a veteran as well.  Patty said their establishment does not discriminate against any paying guest, let alone any veteran as a guest.  She also noted that this situation is a direct result of the city being flooded with visitors stressing the ALL accommodations in Bismark.

Patty impressed us as a sincere person and she told her story in a manner totally consistent with those being the facts.  She seemed personally upset at the turn of events and baffled at the blow-up on social media about it.  We believe that someone somewhere who was not privy to the transaction between the parties, saw something and then made an assumption, that lead to social media rumor being offered up as fact.  You Are Welcome.  If YOU have any further direct knowledge on this incident please contact us at our facebook page.  Thank You…

This was the original Facebook posting:


 “They kicked out an entire room after finding out they were there for Standing Rock. One of the registered guests was a veteran. Heads up if you’re heading for ND. Have a backup plan. Call their corporate office and let them know how you feel. Or call them: (701) 223-1911.”




  1. great work. has anyone sent this to the people at comfort inn. there seems to be people who, for one reason or another, don’t tell the TRUTH. thank YOU for finding it and sharing it !

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