At the computer cutting video, nothing out of the ordinary, coming up on Midnight. I’d been sweating a lot even with the big floor fan blowing directly on me but it was a hot So Cal night on the edge of the desert. Then things began to happen fast. I felt the familiar tightness in my chest as I finished uploading the last video cut to Youtube. I thought This Shit is NOT SO GOOD as the sweat continued to pour off of me. So I went ahead and emailed the links to the folks for whom I’d cut the footage.  I reluctantly shut down the George Webb and Jason Goodman video I’d had running in the background and then shut down the system.   Just then the tightness turned to pain, and then the pain suddenly started radiating down my left arm. Hell I gotta get to the VA Hospital, I thought. Lets see 18 miles away no traffic after midnight OK Lets Roll!

I woke up Deb Said I’m outta here to the VA and she jumped up off the couch and said she’d drive me. I said I’m good but if you’d come with me, she said Of Course you idiot are you SURE you can drive? I said yes.

We jumped in the truck and hit the freeway. I admit I pressed it a little, Deb had a couple of moment of tenseness, and I figured they could bill me for the ticket if I was unlucky enough to meet up with the CHP. This shit was getting REAL and it was smooth sailing all the way to Loma Linda.

By the time (20 minutes later) we rolled up on the Emergency Entrance at Loma Linda I was not OK. Yea, I thought quickly, maybe I should have called 911, but as it turns out I did the right thing. I lumbered into the front door and had my VA Card out and handed it to the sole attendant on duty. I announced
“I am having a cardiac event and need help.”

He took my card punched in some basic info and called the ER people to come get me.
Two nurses, one guy who said his was Jeff, and a gal whose name I do not remember getting, (God Bless Nurses they are some of the BEST people on this Earth) grabbed me and got me into the closest room and onto the bed as Jeff started asking me the questions. He started with the basic history, Yes this is my second heart attack. Then Doctor Roland joined us and I continued to tell the story.   I explained it all started about an hour and a half ago.  At the same time two others were working to get IV lines into me, but it seemed they were having no luck because my heart was not pumping enough blood to find the veins. 

Someone was just taking off my shoes and it happened, I blacked out because my heart stopped.

THAT is all I remember until I came around and all of a sudden the room with FILLED with people as well as the hallway. I remember waking up, seeing all these people and I said Hi guys what’s the party for?

They continued hanging IV bags and working on me when a few moments later I slipped away again. Deb said this one was even more terrifying for her. They could NOT get my heart started as quickly as the first time. And when I did come around again it was just like in the movies. Jeff, the Nurse that was helping me, had ahold of my shoulders shaking me saying (I kid you not) Larry, Larry stay with me now Larry can you hear me? And I remember opening my eyes and looking up at him as if I were under water in a pool holding my breath. As I broke surface I took a big breath and said “Yea Jeff I hear ya!!!” I remember the round of applause from the Party all around.  Deb remarked,

“Well THAT’S my guy always the center of attention!”

Turned out the rest of the night and next three days went much smoother. They got me into the OR, performed an angioplasty, inserted a stint into a vessel that had been by-passed 13 years ago (the first heart attack remember?) and had developed a 90% blockage since the by-pass.

Thanks to everyone who SAVED my life the other night and to Deb who has TRAINED ME to listen to my body and not just shrug off the signals of pain, tight chest, sweating that doesn’t make sense. She saved my life this time as much as anyone. Glad I did not wait for that Ambulance crew to show up, and maybe take me to the “Closest Hospital” Right?

So for now I am 5 days away from tobacco and intend to keep it that way.  It will be easier this time because during the Code Blue processes I wound up with three fractured ribs and coughing is a bitch!  AND it will take about 6 weeks or so to heal up so they say.  I will be getting back with the VA tomorrow (7-31) so we can discuss the next procedure to insert the stint into other vessel that has Major Blockage. We will also be discussing my new regimen of meds.  And Thank God for the VA because I would never be able to AFFORD these meds, let alone ALL the outstanding care I have received this week.  Yes I can not imagine what the people without Platinum Insurance programs or like me with the VA, do, except SUFFER and DIE!  

The Mission continues!

I also want to take a moment to honor the powers that be who have yanked me back from the brink of discorporation to continue  MY Mission of exposing the TRUTH of the TREASON afoot here in our country.  The TREASON of the Stolen Elections, The Treason of the political FRAUDS and spy ring that has infested DC for decades now and to help bring Justice to those who have committed that treason. I understand that I am but one little tooth on a gear in an assembly transmitting the power of truth to our whole nation at the time it MUST BE EXPOSED FOR ALL TO SEE AND HEAR! Yes The Mission Continues…

So the FINAL MESSAGE here is this, from me to anyone who is also getting older and wants to stay getting older.  PAY ATTENTION to your body and what it is telling you at all times and do NOT just Shrug it off, OK?  Cool  You Are Welcome….